Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme

The Government Boiler Scrappage scheme was an initiative set up to encourage homeowners to replace their older boilers which were inefficient and less environmentally friendly.

The scheme worked by giving those households replacing their boilers and meeting certain criteria being given a £400 voucher towards the purchase of a new energy efficient boiler.

What Boiler Schemes are Open?

Both the English and Welsh schemes have now closed as all of the available vouchers have been allocated. When the English scheme closed in March 2010 the government reported it to be a great success, having given out 125,000 £400 vouchers.

If you live in Scotland, you still have access to the scheme which was restarted in February this year after an additional £50,000 was secured by the Scottish government to help homeowners again reduce the cost of replacing their old and inefficient boilers.

Who Can Apply for the Scottish Boiler Scrappage Scheme?

To qualify for the scheme, your household must meet specific criteria. For instance, a homeowner must be replacing an inefficient boiler running at less than 70% efficiency according to the SAP2009 efficiency ratings. Generally if the boiler in place runs on a constant pilot light or was installed over fifteen years ago then it is likely to be a “G-rated” appliance which is eligible.

How Can a Homeowner Apply for Inclusion in the Scheme?

Applying for a voucher and checking whether your household is eligible for the scheme can be done by visiting the Energy Saving Trust website.

Do Energy Suppliers Offer Discounts as Part of the Scheme?

Some suppliers offer discounts in addition to the Boiler Scrappage scheme. British Gas for example will, until the 24th December 2012, gave customers a £150 credit on their energy account if they install their boiler. This discount runs in conjunction with the government scheme, so the £150 is in addition to the £400 voucher. Non-customers will receive their £150 discount towards the cost of the installation.

It is important to understand any terms and conditions that may apply. For instance, we recommend you check whether it is ok to start the installation prior to the voucher application being made or processed. We also advise you discuss with individual suppliers what discounts they offer and whether or not they are in addition to voucher-based reductions prior to agreeing anything.

How Will Replacing a Boiler Result in Energy Savings?

One of the stipulations of using a government scrappage voucher against your installation is that the new boiler is an A-rated energy saving boiler that is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust. The higher the boiler rating, the more efficiently it works resulting in less energy being used or wasted for it to run.

How Much Could a Homeowner Save on Heating Costs?

Typically 60% of what you pay each month on energy bills comes from heating your home. Installing a more efficient boiler therefore makes good sense and will pay for itself in the long-run because it uses less energy to run, so you will see a significant difference in the amount you pay. The exact amount depends on the individual property, size and tariff information however the Energy Saving Trust estimates that on average a householder could save approximately £300 per annum.

What Kind of Boiler Should Be Considered for a New Installation?

The only stipulation as far as the scrappage scheme goes is that the new boiler is A-rated and Energy Saving Trust approved. The exact make and model is up to you and is dependent on the type of heating system you already have in place and your budget. Obtaining several local and national quotes for installation and comparing boiler types and prices is recommended before you buy.