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Mitsubishi Ground Source Heat Pumps Prices, Costs and Energy Savings

Mitsubishi is a market leading environmental technologies manufacturer that provides renewable heating solutions that are energy-efficient and cost-effective alternatives to traditional heating systems. When it comes to Mitsubishi’s ground source heat pumps, they’re designed for commercial use and are suitable for a range of properties, from schools and office units to leisure centres and warehouses. 

If you’re a business looking to reduce running costs and the energy consumption of your building, a ground source heat pump from Mitsubishi could be a perfect choice.

Mitsubishi Ground Source Heat Pump Range

Mitsubishi says that it has designed its ground and water source heat pump system to offer as much flexibility as possible, regardless of whether the application is ground source through slinkies or boreholes, or water source through lakes, rivers or aquifers. Passive cooling is also possible by exchanging the ground or water source with a chilled water system. 

The Mitsubishi ground and water source heat pump system is called the Ecodan CRHV Monobloc, which offers 60kW capacity and water flow temperatures of up to 65°C. 

Browse the range below to find out more about Mitsubishi’s ground source heat pumps. 

Mitsubishi Ecodan CRHV Monobloc Ground & Water Source Heat Pump

Although the Ecodan CRHV Monobloc has a 60kW output and can operate singularly, multiple units can be installed alongside one another to create a system that modulates and cascades the units on and off to meet the load from the building. Ideal for commercial applications, this system can actually deliver up to 960kW of renewable heating when 16 individual units are linked together to offer full multiple unit cascade control.   

Each Ecodan CRHV Monobloc unit from Mitsubishi has a split duel refrigerant circuit to provide 50% back up and a low pressure drop to ensure energy consumption is kept to a minimum. Cascaded systems can rotate units based on accumulated run hours to maximise efficiency levels and prolong the life of the system. 

W – 934mm
D – 780mm

60 kW65°C5 YearsA++

How much do Mitsubishi Ground Source Heat Pumps Cost?

You will need to spend over £20,000 (including VAT) to purchase a single 60kW Mitsubishi Ecodan CRHV Monobloc ground source heat pump, and that doesn’t include installation fees. So, if you need to install multiple units, the overall cost will be much higher. 

As groundwork and installation costs vary greatly, we recommend you compare quotes from at least a few different installers and shop around for the most competitive deal.  

The following table lets you compare the price of each product in the Mitsubishi ground source heat pump range. 

Mitsubishi Ecodan CRHV Monobloc Ground & Water Source Heat Pump (single unit)60kW£22,480 – £24,090

Why Choose a Mitsubishi Ground Source Heat Pump?

Lower Heating Bills

A Mitsubishi ground source heat pump is cheaper to run than electric heating or a traditional boiler as it’s a renewable energy source that generates power from the earth. And although it requires a small amount of electricity to work, a ground source heat pump is highly efficient because it doesn’t depend on burning fossil fuels to heat the building. The expensive upfront cost may put you off, but the potential long-term savings a ground source heat pump can offer you means it can pay for itself over time. 

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

As previously stated, a Mitsubishi ground source heat pump doesn’t need to burn anything to generate heat, so it will emit fewer carbon emissions than your traditional heating system. Ground source heat pumps are very energy efficient and can deliver around 3 or 4 units of renewable energy for every 1 unit of electricity, which helps to reduce your heating bills and your carbon footprint. 

Compatible with Renewable Technologies

You can combine a Mitsubishi ground source heat pump with renewable technologies, such as solar panels, to help power your heat pump and reduce the amount of electricity it needs. That means you can reduce your reliance on your electricity supplier and achieve greater savings and sustainability. 

Requires Very Little Maintenance

Once your Mitsubishi ground source heat pump has been installed, it will require only a minimal amount of maintenance and no fuel deliveries. Your manufacturer’s manual will provide details on the recommended maintenance schedules and explain how often you should get a qualified installer or engineer to inspect your system to ensure it works correctly and runs efficiently. 

Average Life Expectancy of 20 to 25 Years

Ground source heat pumps have an estimated lifespan of 20 to 25 years when maintained properly, and their underground piping systems can last a lot longer and have a life expectancy of between 50 and 100 years. 

Mitsubishi Ground Source Heat Pump Reviews

We were unable to find any online reviews for Mitsubishi ground source heat pumps at the time of writing in November 2021.

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