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Heatline Capriz2 28kW Combi Boiler

If you live in a small to medium sized property and want to replace your boiler with a new and budget-friendly model then Heatline may be the brand you need. The Heatline Capriz2 28kW has proven to be a popular choice with consumers so we took a closer look – find out all about it here.

Heatline Boilers Are Owned By Vaillant

The first thing you should know is that Heatline is owned by Vaillant, a well-respected boiler brand that manufactures some of the best units on the market today. Heatline has more than 50 years of boiler making experience and focuses on making accessible units that consumers can afford. 

The Capriz2 28kW is one half of the Capriz2 range with both boiler options being combi condensing boilers. This range is environmentally friendly and compact, making them perfect for small to medium sized homes.

Heatline Capriz2 28kW – The Basics

Boiler Type – Combi

Model Number – 10016127

Maximum Heating Output – 24.7kW

Maximum Hot Water Output – 28kW

Maximum Flow Rate – 11.7 litres per minute

Efficiency Rating – A – 89%

Capriz2 28kW – the Features You Need

  • Frost Protection – the boiler comes with its own frost protection system that is designed to withstand even the coldest weathers, keeping your heating going even when it’s iced up outside.
  • Simple User Controls – the Capriz2 28kW offers a user friendly design with a digital display that will let you know if there are any errors in the system, giving you the information needed to get the right support.
  • Grundfos Modulating Pump – this pump is not just high-quality but it is installed to help you reduce your energy use and get more for your money. It also helps your new boiler to run quietly.
  • Compact and Lightweight – the Capriz2 28kW is incredibly lightweight and has the following dimensions – 74 x 41.8 x 30 cm, making it the perfect addicting to smaller spaced.
  • Excellent Efficiency – with an A-rating for energy efficiency, Heatline have worked hard to create a boiler that will keep you warm without costing you more that you need to pay each month.

Peace of Mind with the Heatline Capriz2 28kW

Heatline are often criticised for only offering a two year warranty, but this is no shock when you consider that they are working hard to keep their prices low for consumers. The warranty they offer not only lasts for two years but it also covers parts and labour in case something goes wrong with your system. 

The warranty will only cover manufacturing problems too, which means that if you accidentally damage it yourself, you will need to cover the cost of the repair. Once your warranty comes to an end, you can keep it covered by taking out a domestic boiler plan that offers servicing and call-outs for a monthly or annual fee.

Once your boiler has been installed you will need to complete the registration process to activate your warranty. This can be done by you or by your engineer, but should be completed as soon as the installation is complete so that you are fully covered from day one. To complete your warranty registration you will need to provide essential information about where you live, the boiler model, the engineer details and your purchasing information. Once this is done, your boiler warranty will be good to go!

Is the Heatline Capriz2 28kW Expensive?

As mentioned before, the Heatline Capriz2 28kW model is part of a pair of budget-friendly boilers from the Heatline brand. You can expect to pay between £430 – £540 for the 28kW model, a price that has stunned many boiler experts as it is so low for a unit that is made from quality parts. 

However, it is worth remembering that you will need to also pay for installation on top of the cost of the boiler itself and this can vary significantly depending on your location, installation needs and the pricing structure of the installation service you choose. It’s a good idea to shop around to find the best value installation service so that you don’t end up paying more than is needed.

Beware of any installer that claims to be able to complete the work but that doesn’t have a Gas Safe registration. Boilers should only ever be installed by Gas Safe engineers as they have been educated to a higher level to cover boiler installation and boiler repairs/services. Choosing to go with a non-Gas Safe registered provider can invalidate your warranty and cost you more in the long run.

How Can I Be Sure That a Combi Boiler is Right for Me?

Combi boilers are a popular choice as they provide heating and hot water when you need them without storing water in a hot water cylinder. They are typically compact models and can fit in most property sizes but are best used in small to medium sized locations. 

If you property is older and bigger then a combi boiler may not be the right choice for you, especially if you have multiple people using the hot water at the same time. In these cases, it is often better to look for a system boiler instead.

Consumer Reviews – the Heatline Capriz2 28kW

Choosing he right boiler for your needs is often a stressful decision, especially because you will be spending a lot of money on a model that you haven’t even seen in action. However, consumer reviews can help you to learn more about whether a model has what you need as well as giving you the chance to get an unbiased opinion.

Both the Review Centre and Trustpilot currently have very few reviews for the Heatline Capriz2 range, but this isn’t because the boilers aren’t great, it’s because they are still very new to the market. The reviews state that the Capriz2 range is made from high quality materials and offers a reliable heat and hot water output, making it an excellent choice and giving you the confidence to buy knowing that you will be getting a great boiler that should last you well.

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