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How Much is a New Boiler?

Are you wondering how much a new boiler will cost in the UK? Before you jump into buying a boiler, you should consider which boiler type and size are right for you, the different brands and how to get the best deal. 

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Choosing a new boiler for your home can be confusing and time-consuming if you have no idea what you’re doing. But don’t panic. We’re here to guide you through everything you need to know before selecting a new boiler for your home. 

How do I choose a new boiler?

There are several things to consider when deciding which boiler best suits your requirements, such as:

  • Fuel type
  • Boiler type
  • Boiler size
  • Boiler brand

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to think about when it comes to investing in a new boiler. 

What fuel type do I need?

Most households in the UK are connected to the gas network and own a boiler that runs on natural gas. However, some homes cannot access the mains-gas grid and use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), oil or electricity as their heating fuel. 

You need to make sure you know the type of fuel you require before purchasing a new boiler for your home. If you’re unsure, check your boiler manual or ask a qualified heating engineer to help you determine the type of fuel your boiler will use. 

What type of boiler should I buy?

Once you know the fuel type you require, you must pick the correct boiler type for your home and needs. The three types of gas boiler to choose from include:

Combi boilers

Combi boilers receive water directly from the mains and provide hot water on demand. They’re compact units that don’t require tanks in the loft or a hot water storage cylinder, making them ideal for homes with limited storage space. Most experts will tell you that combi boilers are best suited to flats and smaller homes with one bathroom and low water demands. 

System boilers

System boilers take water directly from the mains, like combi boilers, but require a separate cylinder to store hot water. One of the benefits of system boilers is that they can deliver hot water to multiple taps or showers at one time, unlike most combi boilers. They’re best suited for homes with more than one bathroom and high hot water demand.

Heat only boilers

Also known as regular open-vent or conventional boilers, heat only boilers require a hot water storage cylinder (usually installed in an airing cupboard) and a cold water feed tank (usually installed in the loft). They’re ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms and high demand for hot water but generally only recommended for properties with an older radiator system and in areas where water pressure is low.

What size boiler do I need?

All boilers heating and hot water capabilities are measured in kilowatts (kW), also known as the output rating and the boiler size. So, when we talk about boiler size, we’re not referring to its dimensions but its kW output. 

The correct boiler size for you depends on several things, including how many bathrooms you have, how many radiators you have and how many people live in your home. 

You can use the tables below to figure out what size combi, system or heat-only boiler you need. Please remember that every home is unique, and the tables show a rough guide for what boiler size should suit your requirements.  

1-21Up to 1024kW – 27kW
3-41-2UP to 1528kW – 34kW
5+2+Up to 2035kW – 42kW
1-21Up to 109kW – 18kW
3-42-310+18kW – 26kW
5+4+20+27kW – 40kW
1-21Up to 1012kW – 15kW
3-42-310+18kW – 25kW
5+4+20+35kW – 42kW

The general rule is the more heat and hot water you require, the higher the output you need. But you must be careful when choosing the correct boiler size. 

An undersized boiler will not be powerful enough to properly heat your home or give you plenty of hot water. And if you select an oversized boiler for your home, the boiler will use more energy and increase your bills. 

The best course of action is to ask a qualified heating engineer what size boiler they think best fits your requirements. 

What brand should I choose?

We recommend you choose a trusted and reliable boiler brand with a good reputation for peace of mind that your boiler will last for many years when well maintained. You also should find out the length of the warranty on offer from each brand as this shows how much confidence they have in the quality of their boilers. 

Another way to determine whether a brand makes reliable boilers is to read customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot. You can also ask a heating engineer for an unbiased opinion on the best brands in terms of reliability. 

Here are the best boiler brands and top three cheap boiler brands of 2022 according to the latest Which? survey. 

Worcester BoschBaxi

So, how much does a new boiler cost?

The price of a new boiler can vary significantly depending on the type, brand and size. Also, several things can impact the cost of the installation, such as your location, how much work is required and the boiler engineer rates. 

The table below should give you an idea of typical boiler prices and installation costs in the UK. 

Boiler TypeTypical Boiler PriceInstallation CostTotal Cost
Combi boiler£500 – £2,200£600 – £1,200£1,100 – £3,400
System boiler£500 – £2,500£600 – £1,200£1,100 – £3,700
Regular boiler£500 – £2,600£600 – £1,200£1,100 – £3,800

The amount of work your engineer has to carry out to install your boiler will affect the cost, so you will pay more if you’re changing the type of boiler you have or want to move it to a different location within your home. 

How can I get the best deal on a new boiler?

One of the best ways of finding the most competitive boiler price is to get quotes from at least three installers rather than contacting only one installer. This way, you can compare quotes from different boiler companies and save yourself some money. 

But keep in mind that you must only request a quote from Gas Safe registered engineers who are legally permitted to work with gas if you want to get a new gas boiler installed. 

Comparing quotes from Gas Safe registered engineers is easy when using our free service. All you need to do is provide us with a few details, and we’ll take care of the rest.