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How You Can Fix Your F22 Error Code on Your Vaillant Boiler

When your boiler starts to display a fault code, you are likely to think that it will be expensive to get it repaired or even be worried that your boiler needs to be replaced.

If your boiler shows the F22 error code, then there is a problem with low pressure, and if it is not fixed, then you could put too much pressure on the boiler, causing more expensive problems to occur.

 The good news is that you may be able to fix the F22 error code for yourself without needing to call a GSA Safe engineer out – take a look at our helpful guide to find out when you can try to fix it yourself and when you need to call for help.

What Does the Vaillant F22 Error Code Mean?

The F22 error code is displayed on your boiler when there is not enough water in your system, causing the pressure to drop. In these cases, your boiler will switch itself off, and the error code will show to let you know that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

The F22 error code is not always a sign of an expensive problem meaning that it can sometimes be fixed by you for free, or occasionally you will need to call out a Gas Safe engineer who can resolve the issue quickly and cheaply. The best way to work out whether to call an engineer out is simple – if you need to take some of the boiler apart to get to the issue, then you should call a Gas Safe engineer.

How to Try and Fix the F22 Boiler Error Code

If you are keen to try to fix the code yourself first, then the following steps could help. However, when it details that you will need a Gas Safe engineer, then it is vital that you call one out.

  • Look at Your Water Pressure Sensor – the first thing you should do is take a look at the pressure level on your boiler, which should be between 1 & 2, with 1.5 being the ideal level. If it is below this, then the problem is due to your water pressure sensor, and you will need to get an engineer out to replace or repair the sensor to enable the boiler to start working again.
  • Consider If There is a Leak – another problem when the pressure drops could be due to a leak in the system. Often the pressure will drop to 0.5 bar or less when there is a leak, and the water that has escaped could be causing an even bigger problem by damaging parts elsewhere. If the leak isn’t obvious to the source, then you will need a Gas Safe engineer to attend to the property so they can check your pipes, valves and boiler to locate and fix the problem.
  • Fill Your Boiler – if the pressure has dropped, but it is not due to a leak, then filling up your boiler via the filling loop could resolve the problem quickly. Aim to reach 1.5 bar on the pressure dial as you fill, and then close the valve once you are done to see if that clears your issues.

Once you have checked your sensor, resolved any leaks or topped up the water, it is time to reset your boiler and see if the error code goes away. Simply press the reset button for a few seconds and release it so that the boiler can reboot. When your system is resetting, the PCB will check the signals from the pressure sensor and clear the error if it is back at the right level.

The Error Code Hasn’t Gone – What Next?

If the fixes you have tried have not worked and your error code is still visible on the boiler, then you will need to arrange for a Gas Safe engineer to come out and diagnose the problem. In some cases, the F22 error code could be one of many issues with a boiler, and you may be better off getting the whole system replaced rather than paying for lots of different repairs. Whatever you decide, Boilers Prices is here to help you get the quotes you need from the best Gas Safe engineers in your area – simply fill in our form and let us send you the quotes and information you need so that you can get your heating and hot water running again.