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Ideal Boiler Controls

If you own or are about to purchase an Ideal boiler, you should consider investing in some central heating controls as they could help you save more energy and money. The right Ideal boiler controls will also make it easy for you to have complete control over your system, as well as help to ensure your home is kept at a comfortable temperature without wasting energy. But with so many Ideal boiler controls to choose from, it can be a difficult job deciding which one is best for your home and needs.

The information on this page should give you a better idea of your options and help you to decide which Ideal boiler control is right for you.

Ideal RF Electronic Thermostat

Compatible with the Ideal Logic and Vogue Combi ranges, the RF Electronic Thermostat provides both heating and hot water control by communicating through radio frequency signals to talk to your boiler. In addition to being able to automatically update to summer and winter time, this control offers a range of functions including scheduling, holiday mode and text fault code display. It also offers 7-day timed control of central heating by utilising OpenTherm technology, which means it can modulate the boiler output to operate at a lower temperature to save energy and reduce the cost of your bills. What’s more, the RF Electronic Thermostat comes with a simple user interface and built-in frost protection.

Ideal Touch Connect

The Touch Connect is one of Ideal’s smart boiler controls, designed to give you complete control of your heating and hot water via a smartphone or tablet, meaning you can control your heating at home and on the move. Not only is this control easy to install and use but it will also help to save you money on your bills as it constantly monitors the outside and inside temperature to make sure your boiler only uses the minimum gas required. Compatible with Alexa, the Ideal Touch Connect features a holiday function, load compensation to maximise boiler efficiency and both flexible and pre-programmed heating schedules to fit in with your lifestyle. It boasts a stylish design and a simple user interface, and it enables multiple users to connect to one Touch Connect system.

Ideal Touch Combi

If you like the sound of owning a touch screen programmable room thermostat and you have an Ideal combi boiler, the Ideal Touch Combi should suit your needs. It comes with a sleek interface, rotating outer wheel and large colour touch screen to make it easy for you to set your heating and hot water schedules. Designed to deliver maximum boiler operating efficiency, this control comes pre-programmed with a default schedule which can be reviewed and altered in seconds by simply tapping the screen to wake it up. It features built-in frost protection and wireless connection, plus the summer and winter time modes update automatically. The Ideal Touch Combi also boasts up to 6 programmable on and off periods for every day of the week to give you 7-day control of both your heating and hot water. 

Ideal Touch Heat and System

Featuring the same benefits as the Touch Combi, the Ideal Touch Heat and System is compatible with all Logic, Logic+ and Vogue system and heat only boilers. It has a colour touch screen display and a rotating outer dial for easy temperature adjustments, and the control itself can be placed almost anywhere in your home. As an OpenTherm connection allows the transceiver to control the boiler output and modulation, you can expect first-class performance and improved efficiency from your Ideal boiler. Just like the combi version, you’ll also get 7-day control of your heating and hot water and up to 6 programmable on and off periods.

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