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Ideal Boiler Servicing Options – Your 2023 Guide

The Ideal Heating company was first opened in 1906, offering customers the boiler solutions they need for more than 100 years. Over time, this company has built a solid reputation and Ideal boilers are commonly found in many UK properties. 

The Ideal brand not only offers mid-ranged boilers at great prices, but they also aim to provide you with a boiler that will last for many years when you invest in the proper care and maintenance. Find out how Ideal Heating work to help make that happen.

Ideal Boiler Service Options

In addition to selling boilers, Ideal Heating also offers its customers the ability to book services directly through its website. These services can be booked online and paid for at the time of booking. 

There is no option to arrange a service plan with the Ideal Heating company, meaning that if you are not willing to pay upfront for your servicing then you will need to opt for a service plan from a leading company like Domestic and General.

Ideal Boiler Repair Options

All Ideal boilers come with a warranty, but you have to have it registered within 30 days of installation for the warranty to be active. Your installer can register your boiler for you or you can register it yourself on the Ideal Heating webpage. To register it yourself, you will need to know the serial number, the installation date and the location of the boiler inside your property.

Once your warranty is registered, you can contact Ideal Heating to arrange any repairs that are covered under the warranty. If your repair is covered, the Ideal team will arrange for an engineer to visit for the repair to take place. It’s important to note that your warranty will be invalidated if you do not arrange annual services for your boiler.

If your repair is not covered by the Ideal warranty then you will need to arrange to have it repaired and cover the cost yourself. However, if you decide to take out the D&G service plan, the cost of repairs up to £1500 will be covered in your monthly fee.

What Service Options Do D&G Offer?

Domestic and General are the most popular provider of boiler servicing plans and offer two standard packages to choose from when you sign up:

  • Their gold plan covers your boiler for repairs up to £1500, provides you with an annual service and gives you a replacement boiler when yours cannot be fixed, up to the value of £705.
  • Their platinum plan offers everything from the gold plan and also provides you with cover for your radiators, helping you to keep your home warm all year round.

You can sign up for either of these plans directly on the D&G website, and your cover starts as soon as you checkout. Plus, all D&G servicing is carried out by Gas Safe engineers, meaning that you can be completely confident in the safety and quality of the work completed.

Why is a Service Plan a Good Idea?

There are many reasons that a service plan makes sense, but lots of consumers still fail to invest in one and then experience high costs to repair or replace their faulty boiler. If you are not sure whether a boiler plan is for you then take a look at the main benefits now:

  • Boiler Plans Offer Servicing – when you take an annual boiler plan out, you get a service and health check for your boiler which will help to identify anything that may cause an issue down the line.
  • Boiler Plans Come with Support – another great reason for choosing an annual boiler plan is so that you can get support and advice all year round from a team of boiler experts.
  • Boiler Plans Improve Energy Efficiency – when you invest in a boiler plan and ensure that you regularly maintain your system then it will run more efficiently and stop your energy bills from rising.
  • Boiler Plans Extend the Life of Your Boiler – it’s well known that a boiler that has been well looked after and serviced every year is more likely to last. In fact, you can look forward to extending the life of your boiler, helping you to get the most for your investment.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

A boiler service is undertaken by a Gas Safe engineer who completes a range of tests, checks and tasks to ascertain whether your boiler is working effectively or not. Most service visits last no more than an hour and you will be provided with a written record of the visit to help you show that you have adhered to any warranty requirements that you may have. 

If your boiler needs to be repaired then your engineer will try to complete this on the same day or will organise to return to the property at a time and date that works for you.

While boiler service plans may cost you money every month, the potential to save is huge when you add up repairs and servicing. If you like the idea of knowing you can call someone out if your boiler stops working then a service and repair plan is the best way forward – arrange yours now.