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Ideal Logic Code Combi ES

Ideal Logic Code Combi ES Boiler prices are on average £1210 (including VAT and without installation)

The Ideal Logic Code Combi ES boiler has been created deliberately for new build homes but is also available for older homes.  It is available in 26KW, 33KW, or 38KW at a starting price of £1210. It is accompanied by a 2 year parts and labour guarantee when registered within a 30-day time frame from the date of installation.

The Ideal Logic Code Combi ES boiler takes the difficulty out of meeting building regulations when installing a boiler in a new build home. Its’ simple one box solution to the problem supports up to level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes and models optimise design for SAP and DER ratings.

The Ideal Logic Code Combi ES is an energy efficient boiler with a SEDBUK rating of 91%.  The boiler has a stainless steel recuperator which re-captures lost heat.  This whole process allows the boiler to supply water a lot faster and more efficiently.

Ideal Logic Code Combi ES overview


ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Logic Code Combi ES 26CombiH – 830 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
10.7 l/min26 kWA 90% and above£1000
Logic Code Combi ES 33CombiH – 830 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
13.4 l/min33 kWA 90% and above£1300
Logic Code Combi ES 38CombiH – 830 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
15.7 l/min38 kWA 90% and above£1330
Key Features and Benefits
Simple ControlsEase of use
Higher DHW flow rates than standard boilersapproximate to a 10% increase
SEDBUK A RatingLower Gas Bills
Various Kw Heating Output – 26KW, 32KW, and 40KWVarious Home Sizes
High DHW (Domestic Hot Water) efficiencyEnergy efficiency
stainless steel heat recuperatorReducing maintenance & care costs
Which Rating 55%Based on reliability, satisfaction & ease of repair
The boiler comes with a standard 2 year guarantee on parts and labour.Peace of Mind

What We Think of the Logic Code Combi ES

The Ideal Logic Code Combi ES is perfect for achieving reduced running costs. It has high DHW (Domestic Hot Water) efficiency, including higher DHW flow rates than standard boilers (approximate to a 10% increase), produces less waste DHW water due to the DHW inlet being preheated, and there is reduced plumbing on DHW too.

The Combi ES has an easily accessible control panel with a digital display which will provide diagnostic fault codes in cases of malfunction – a handy feature for aiding repairs.

Arriving in one box, the boiler is very easy to install. It has a neat and tidy appearance with built-in pipework, removing the necessity for extra space at the side of the unit.

The Which? reliability score for Ideal boilers is 55%, which is below other boiler brands.  A consideration if you’re buying this boiler.

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