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Ideal Mexico HE boilers

Ideal Mexico HE boilers prices are on average £1330 (including VAT and without installation)

The Ideal Mexico HE is a floor-standing heat only condensing boiler available in 15KW, 18KW, 24KW, 30KW, and 36KW models. It comes with a 2-year warranty for parts and labour as standard and has a starting price of £1330 inclusive of VAT.

The Ideal Mexico HE has an energy efficiency rating of 88% making it SEDBUK band ‘B’ fuel efficient.  This British made boiler is also ERP compliant and is ideal for homes which have room for hot water cylinder and cold water tank.

This compact boiler is easy to install comes with an easy to use digital display.  The boiler also comes with frost protection plus an optional remote user kit.

Ideal Mexico HE boilers overview


ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Mexico HE 15Heat OnlyH – 700 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
N/A15 kWA 90% and above£830
Mexico HE 18Heat OnlyH – 700 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
N/A18 kWA 90% and above£890
Mexico HE 24Heat OnlyH – 700 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
N/A24 kWA 90% and above£1230
Mexico HE 30Heat OnlyH – 700 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
N/A30 kWA 90% and above£1500
Mexico HE 30Heat OnlyH – 700 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
N/A30 kWA 90% and above£1500
Mexico HE 36Heat OnlyH – 700 mm
W – 395 mm
D – 278 mm
N/A36 kWA 90% and above£2200
Key Features and Benefits
CompactEasy to install
Simple ControlsEase of Use
SEDBUK A RatingLower Gas Bills
Various Kw Heating Output -15KW, 18KW, 24KW, 30KW, and 36KWVarious Home Sizes
Queen’s Award for EnterpriseInnovation
Built in Frost ProtectionReducing maintenance & care costs
Which Rating 55%Based on reliability, satisfaction & ease of repair
The boiler comes with a standard 2 year guarantee on parts and labour.Peace of Mind

What We Think of the Mexico HE boiler

The Ideal Mexico HE is a strong performing boiler. As it is floor standing with an aluminium casing, it can quite easily in your kitchen as another appliance. It is also very easy to use.

One thing user may take note of is the relatively short 2 year warranty. In the past, Ideal boilers have had reliability issues.  In Which?  survey, the boiler scored a 55% for reliability and performance. This is much lower than what other recognised boiler brands scored. This something you may want to consider when buying the Mexico HE. The boiler also scored an average score for ease of servicing. Again, another consideration.

Getting a Competitive Boiler Quote

We suggest to get quotations from reputable national and local boiler installation providers to ensure a best-priced boiler installation. Ask for and compare fixed prices for both the installation and the boiler unit.

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1 review for Ideal Mexico HE boilers

What Customers Are Saying

Rated 2.0 out of 5
2 November 2019

No Title

I simply wish to state that over the past 45 years I have lived with a Ideal Mexico Boiler (Freestanding). Regular annual maintenance was undertaken. I have never had to call out a technician for repair. Indeed I have changed the initial boiler once, after 22 years of excellent service. I am considering replacement again after 20+ years of excellent service. Once again I will seek out the same product.

Mrs A. Jamal