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Keston Boiler Controls

If you’ve recently purchased or are about to buy a new Keston boiler, it’s worth considering spending a little more money on an optional Keston boiler control. In addition to giving you better control over your heating and helping you to achieve the perfect room temperature, boiler controls can help you to save energy and reduce the cost of your annual fuel bills. Choosing the right boiler control is important, however, your options are limited with a Keston boiler because the brand has created only a very small selection for you to buy. 

Below, we explain the different types of Keston boiler controls available and what they can do for you and your home. 

Keston RF Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat

Compatible with Keston combi and system boilers, the RF Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat offers 7-day timed control of your central heating system. It comes with built-in frost protection and a Holiday Mode that lets you switch off your heating whilst you’re away without clearing your saved time and schedule settings. With the Keston RF Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat, you also get automatic time updates for summer and winter times, as well as a simple user interface and boiler fault messages with suggestive corrective actions. There’s also a timed pre-heat function which is designed to help you save energy and reduce energy costs. 

To set the programs, the room temperature and your preferred on and off times for each day, you simply turn the control know on the thermostat and press the plus and minus keys until you reach the correct times and temperatures. No mains wiring is required and wireless communication is achieved via an OpenTherm connection. The Keston RF Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat is a battery-operated control that requires two AA 1.5V batteries, which must be placed in the battery panel on the front of the thermostat. 

Keston Mechanical Timer

Suitable for the Keston Combi C range of boilers, this 24-hour mechanical time by Keston is a simple plug-in control that provides 15 minute period operation and three operating modes, including continuous, timed and off. Not only is this control easy to use but it’s also easy to set up using the simple tappet dial. The tappets on the outer edge are for setting the heating ‘on’ periods and the tappets on the inner edge let you set the heating ‘off’ periods. Keston’s Mechanical Timer also features a manual switch that allows you to choose between fixed on, timed and fixed off control without disrupting the timed tappet settings. 

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