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L2 Error Code on Ideal Boiler – What it Means and How to Fix it

Are you getting the L2 error ones on your Ideal boiler? Has your boiler locked out, leaving you unable to use it? Let us explain what is happening and what is causing the problem so that you can arrange to have your boiler repaired or even replaced.

Why is the L2 Error Code Displayed on My Boiler?

Finding the cause of the L2 error code is the first step in working out how to fix it. There are a few possible reasons that could be causing the error, including:

  • A Faulty Flame Sensor – your flame sensor is responsible for sending signals to let the PCB know that it is lit. If this signal stops being sent, then the safety mechanism will cause the boiler to stop working and the error code to be displayed. To get this fixed, the engineer will firstly check your sensor to confirm the problem and then repair or replace it to get your boiler running again.
  • Gas Valve Problems – another cause of the error could be that your gas valve has become stuck, causing it to stop sending gas when your heating or hot water gets turned on. If this is the problem, the engineer can work to try and unstick the valve, but it could need to be replaced if the valve has seized completely. The cost of a replacement is around £290 – £350, which means you will need to decide whether it is better to get the valve replaced or the entire boiler.
  • Blockages – if your gas meter or your condensate pipe has become blocked, then this could be the problem that is causing your error code. Typically both of these blockages tend to happen in the winter when the temperatures drop, and your engineer will work to unblock them before protecting the pipes from lagging to avoid it happening again. This is a quick and simple fix, and the boiler can be reset when it is complete, getting rid of the error code.
  • Gas Pressure – finally, low pressure can also be the reason for your L2 error code and is common when consumers switch to larger boilers but keep the smaller pipework in place to supply the gas. The best way to improve this issue is to upgrade the pipework so that the flow can match demand, but your engineer will first check that the issue isn’t caused by a low-pressure supply from the gas supplier. If the issue is due to low supply, then you will need to contact your supplier, who will need to address the problem.

Is There a Quick Fix for the L2 Error Code?

Typically, if the L2 error code is showing on your boiler, then you will be unable to fix it yourself. This means that you will need to call out a Gas Safe registered engineer to help dismantle the right parts of your boiler and who can look into the gas supply problem.

Do I Have to Replace My Boiler with an L2 Error Code?

The good news is that L2 error codes do not usually result in you needing to get your boiler replaced unless the repairs would exceed the cost of a new boiler or if the boiler is very old and inefficient. If you and your engineer decide that your boiler does need replacing, then you will need to get a few quotes for the work and the boiler before agreeing to proceed. At Boilers Prices, we can help you to find the right boiler replacement solution with our online form – simply tell us what you need, and we will provide you with no-obligation quotes from engineers that are local to you; it really is that simple!