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Main Boiler Controls

Main Heating boilers are compatible with a range of Baxi boiler controls, such as mechanical timers, outdoor sensors and wired smart thermostats. The optional heating controls available from Baxi not only help you keep your home comfortable but help you to save energy and money on your bills. If you’re interested in purchasing an optional control for your heating and hot water system, you need to determine which solutions you can use with your specific Main boiler model.  

Below, we look at the optional controls and accessories available for Main combi, system and heat-only boilers. 

Baxi Wired Room Thermostat

Part Number: 720971601

All Main Eco Compact Combi, System and Heat-Only boilers are compatible with the Baxi wired room thermostat with additional set back/timer input. It features a bi-metal thermostatic movement with an accelerator resistor for close temperature regulation, which is why it requires a three-wire connection. Recommend for installation by a qualified electrician, this optional room thermostat is double insulated, has a frost protection setting and helps you control the temperature levels within your home to ensure maximum comfort.  

Baxi Wall-Mounted 24hr Mechanical Timer

Part Number: 720971401

The Baxi electro-mechanical timer allows you to set your central heating system every 15 minutes. You can use the three-position switch to select constant operation, timed operation or central heating off, and you move the timer switch by sliding it into the desired position. This optional control is compatible with all Main Eco Compact Combi boilers and lets you choose which times of the day you want to switch on your central heating. 

Baxi On-Wall Outdoor Sensor

Part Number: 7703233

Another optional control compatible with the Main Eco Compact Combi is the Baxi outdoor sensor kit. Once installed on a suitable outside wall, the kit allows you to gain the efficiency benefits of outdoor weather temperature compensation control. The sensor works by considering the outdoor temperature and regulating the boiler flow temperature accordingly to ensure you always remain comfortable and warm in your home. 

Baxi Programmable 7-Day Wireless Sensor (2 Channel)

Part Number: 720644801

Suitable for the Main Eco Compact System boiler only, the Baxi programmable 7-day wireless sensor constantly monitors the temperature of the room in which the sensor is installed and set up. It has four temperature modes, requires 2 AA batteries, and will take full control of your boiler once fitted. That means all the boiler functions are transferred to the programmer and room sensor except the Chimney, Commissioning and Combustion Adjustment functions. 

Baxi uSense Wired Smart Room Thermostat

Part Number: 7649277

The Baxi uSense smart thermostat is compatible with Main Eco Compact Combi boilers and designed to let you control your heating via a smartphone or tablet, meaning you have control anytime and anywhere. It allows you to schedule your heating to fit in with your lifestyle and enables you to keep an eye on how much energy you’re using to help you manage your bills. You can find the Baxi uSense app on Apple Store, Google Play and Windows phone store. 

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