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Main Boiler Issues: Errors and Fault Codes

Your Main combi, system or heat-only boiler may sometimes show an error code starting with an ‘E’ and followed by two or three numbers. Some problems are easy to resolve and can be fixed by you, while others will require a Gas Safe registered engineer. When an error code appears on your Main boiler, you may see also a spanner symbol or an ‘R’ symbol. All ‘R’ fault errors that show on your boiler can be reset by simply pressing the reset button. If you see a spanner symbol, you must contact a heating engineer.  

Below you will find a list of Main combi, system and heat-only boiler error codes and a description of each fault. 

Main Eco Compact Combi, System and Heat Boiler Fault Codes

E09Gas valve connection cable
E15Gas valve fault
E20Central heating NTC fault
E28Flue NTC fault
E40Central heating return NTC fault
E83Communication error
E109Pre-circulation fault
E110Safety thermostat operated
E118Primary system water pressure too low
E125Circulation fault (primary)
E128Flame failure
E130Flue NTC operated
E133Interruption of gas supply or flame failure
E135Interruption of gas supply (internal error)
E154Flow / return sensor temperature test
E160Fan or fan wiring fault
E270Circulation fault (dry fire)
E321Hot water NTC fault
E384False flame

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