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Over 54,000 vouchers claimed under the Boiler Scrappage scheme

The government’s boiler scrappage scheme has been deemed a success following take-up figures released this week. Over a third of the vouchers available under the scheme have already been claimed since it launched six weeks ago.

Figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change this week revealed a total of 54,578 vouchers taken, out of the possible 120,000 available at the start of the scheme in January. This leaves around 70,000, worth £28million up for grabs. So if you want to take advantage of it, you should act now to avoid disappointment.

The scheme was set up to help households reduce their carbon footprints and save money on their energy bills. Any household in England using an old gas-guzzling ‘G-Rated’ boiler can claim £400 towards replacing it with a new ‘A-Rated’ one.

Ed Miliband, the energy and climate change secretary said ‘The scheme is helping householders to save around £200 a year on fuel bills and reduce emissions, while helping to sustain work for the 130,000 installers and up to 25 UK-based boiler manufacturers’.

Since the launch of the scheme, all the major energy suppliers including British Gas, npower and E.ON have matched the government’s offer. This means households can potentially save £800 off the cost of a new energy efficient boiler.

The scheme is run by the Energy Saving Trust, who have been inundated with customer calls about it. They have reported receiving almost 400,000 calls, averaging around 5,000 a day to their regional call centers.

Households have no doubt warmed to the scheme; however the level of interest has meant some are facing delays in joining. The Energy Saving Trust has responded by increasing its call centre staff to meet demand.

Miliband added, ‘The boiler scrappage scheme has proved incredibly popular and with energy companies and manufacturers offering deals as well, the government scheme has truly kick-started a national programme of boiler replacement.’

Households accepted by the scheme and already in receipt of their vouchers will need to wait until their new boiler has been installed before they can claim back their money. The Energy Saving Trust will issue payment within 25 working days of receiving the voucher and paperwork detailing the cost of the job.

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Do you qualify?

To join, you must have a working ‘G-Rated’ boiler, or one which is 15 years old or more. A good indicator is if your boiler has a permanent pilot light. If you are under 60, you are eligible to apply if your boiler provides the main source of heat to your home and is still working. For over 60’s, the boiler does not have to be in working order to qualify.

How to apply

Once you have checked your boiler is ‘G-Rated’, arrange a quote for a new ‘A-Rated’ model. It is wise to shop around for a competitive price, by contacting your local qualified boiler installer or your energy supplier. Once you have your quote, contact the Energy Saving Trust with the details and they will issue your voucher prior to the work starting. Once your new boiler has been installed, you will need to pay the installer in full before sending the receipt and voucher back to the Energy Saving Trust where you will receive your £400 rebate within 25 working days.

You should bear in mind some energy suppliers are offering a further £400 off.