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Potterton Boiler Controls

Potterton offers a selection of optional boiler controls and accessories to help make your heating system as energy efficient as possible. Not only that but Potteron’s boiler controls can improve indoor comfort levels and help to reduce the cost of your heating bills, provided you choose correctly. There are several different controls that you can use with your Potterton heating and hot water system, so it’s a good idea to take a look at all the options available to you before making any decisions.

In this guide, we look at the various types of Potterton boiler controls and what they can do for you and your home.

Potterton Electro-Mechanical 24 Hour Timer

If you want a boiler control that lets you decide which times of the day your central heating switches on, the Potterton Electro-Mechanical Timer could be the one for you. It comes complete with a large dial and you can choose to have it either constantly on, constantly off or timed to improve system performance and the energy efficiency of your Potterton boiler. As this control allows the central heating to be set at 15-minute intervals using the tappets set around the analogue clock, it’s super-easy to set your preferred heating on and off times. The Electro-Mechanical 24-Hour Timer is compatible with all Potterton combi boilers.

Potterton Programmable 24 Hour Wireless Sensor

Compatible with the Potterton Promax Ultra boiler, this 24-hour wireless sensor makes it easy for you to select your heating on and off times over 24 hours. The Potterton Programmable 24-Hour Wireless Sensor is a single channel timer and room sensor that learns how much time is needed for your home to heat up which, again, helps to reduce energy wastage. In addition to featuring an easy to read LCD display, this control comes with a night set-back function that lowers the room temperature at night to ensure you save energy.

Potterton Wireless 7 Day Programmable Twin Channel Sensor

This optional boiler control from Potterton uses radiofrequency to allow you to choose when you want your heating to switch on and off over a 7-day period. The timer communicates with the receiver on your boiler using radio frequency, telling the boiler what times you have programmed into the timer. It comes complete with a digital screen and backlit display, as well as with an optimum start feature that learns precisely how long it takes for your home to reach set temperatures to boost efficiency levels. The Potterton Wireless 7-Day Programmable Twin Channel Sensor also features a night set-back function that lowers the temperature at night so that further energy savings can be achieved.

Potterton Multifit GasSaver

The Multifit GasSaver is an innovative control that sits between the boiler and the flue and is capable of recycling the heat from the flue gases that would normally be wasted. As the recovered energy is recycled to pre-heat the water from the boiler, less gas is required to heat your water. Tests show that using the Multifit GasSaver can save up to 37% of the energy required to create hot water and save up to 7% of the water used because hot water can be delivered much quicker. This means you’ll not only save more money on your energy bills but also reduce carbon emissions. The Multifit GasSaver is compatible with the Potterton Promax Combi and the Promax System boilers.

Potterton Multifit IFOS

The Potterton Multifit IFOS is an in flue outdoor sensor that provides an easy way to comply with Boiler Plus requirements, as long as it’s combined with a separate time and temperature control. It can be installed with a horizontal or vertical flue and is designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Compatible with the Potterton Assure Combi and Assure System boilers, the Multifit IFOS simply clips onto the air duct of the flue terminal and detects weather conditions to enable the boiler to sense the correct indoor temperature and adjust accordingly.

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