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Cover Your Potterton Boiler with a Potterton Service Plan 2023

The headache of a broken boiler is difficult to handle, especially when you are not covered for repairs. Choosing to cover your boiler with a service plan will provide you with call out support, the costs of parts and labour as well as offering you an annual service. Find out more now and keep your Potterton boiler in great shape!

Potterton Boiler History

Potterton has been making boilers since the 1850s and was based in London, growing to become a household name. With more than 100 years of work in tow, the Potterton brand was purchased by Baxi and has become a key part of the Baxi heating strategy, helping clients across the UK get the heating solution they need.

With the history of Potterton and the support of Baxi, customers that buy Potterton boilers will be getting a unit that is built to last. Plus, if you are a Potterton customer, you can now enjoy accessing the Baxi website for helpful hints and boiler information as well as arranging any repairs you may need.

Your Boiler Servicing Options

Potterton servicing plans come in two different categories – those for boilers that are still in their warranty phase and those that are not. If your boiler is still under warranty then you will be automatically covered for any problems that occur due to manufacturing problems. You can also pay a monthly, or annual fee to increase that level of cover to include other types of problems and repairs. 

If your boiler is out of warranty then you will need to think about choosing ongoing boiler cover, of which Potterton provides two choices that are provided by Domestic and General:

  • The Gold Option – this service package covers your boiler and boiler controls and gives you access to an engineer when you need your boiler repaired. You can enjoy repairs up to the value of £1500 and you will get an annual service as part of the plan. You will also get a new boiler if yours cannot be replaced.
  • The Platinum Option – if you also want to cover your heating and exposed pipework then this is the option for you. It covers everything that comes with the Gold option and includes your heating too.

All the service plans include an annual service which will be performed by a Gas Safe engineer. You will be invited to arrange your service visit when it is due and can expect the visit to last no longer than an hour. You will be told of any problems and your engineer will either fix them or help you arrange a further appointment for this work to be done – it couldn’t be simpler!

How Much Does a Potterton Service Plan Cost?

The price of your service plan depends on the option you choose and the age of your boiler:

  • If your boiler is under warranty then you can get a care package for just £11.75 per month.
  • If you choose the Gold package then you will need to pay £19 a month
  • If you’d prefer the Platinum package then this will cost £21 a month

If your boiler is over 15 years old then you will need to speak to Domestic and General direct and they will provide you with a quote to cover your boiler. Investing in boiler care can be expensive, but knowing that you are covered in an emergency is well worth the expenditure.

What Are the Standard Exclusions?

Before you enter into any policy agreement, it is important to check out what you are and are not covered for. With the Potterton service plans, you can access the full terms and conditions on the website or via Domestic and General. The main exclusions for these policies include:

  • Any boiler that has been damaged deliberately
  • Any pre-existing issue that occurred before taking out the policy
  • Any hard water deposits and sludge that has built up in the system

It’s also important to read the terms and conditions so that you can avoid invalidating your cover without realising it. Terms and conditions are written in plain English and are simple to understand so that you can get the most from your new boiler cover plan.

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Boiler Cover

As with any purchase, it is wise to take the time to think it through before proceeding. To help you do this, we’ve shared the main pros and cons of choosing Potterton boiler cover:


  • You can pay monthly or annually depending on your finances
  • You won’t have to pay any call out fees or labour costs
  • You get an annual boiler service
  • You can get a new boiler if yours can’t be fixed
  • There is no excess to pay when you make a claim
  • You can choose to include heating cover in your plan


  • You may pay more for older boilers
  • The plans can feel expensive
  • You cannot add a home care package for other appliance cover

Ultimately, choosing to pay for boiler cover is something that can help you avoid large bills if your boiler ever breaks down. There are a variety of cover options available, all you need to do is make sure that you have carefully assessed all the terms and conditions so that you are informed about what is and isn’t covered. Arrange your cover today and get your boiler serviced each year, that way you can look forward to a boiler with a longer lifespan and less household expenditure.