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Potterton Performa Combi HE

The Potterton Performa Combi HE is a reliable, energy efficient and flexible boiler.  Potterton Performa Combi HE boiler prices are very reasonable, and start at around £650 excluding installation costs.

The Performa HE range of combi boilers is available in 24kW and 30kW which are suitable for almost every domestic installation requirement. There are three models in the Potterton Performa Combi HE range, the 24 Eco HE, the Performa 24i HE and the Performa 30 HE. Typical output to domestic hotwater and central heating is 29.4kW. This corresponds to a hot water flow rate of 12.0 litres per minute with a raised temperature of 35°C.

Potterton Performa Combi HE boilers are 780mm in height, 450mm wide and with a depth of 345mm. They have user adjustable central heating and DHW temperature controls. Other features include an operating mode selector switch, an LED fault status display and optional 24hr electro mechanical or 7 day electronic timers. They also have optional LPG conversion kits and so can be used in areas that are off the gas mains grid.

With a minimum heat input ranging from 10.6 – 11.9 kW and maximum ranging from 24.8 – 30.5 kW, they can cope with all weather conditions. The minimum domestic hot water flow rate is 2.5 litres per minute. No compartment ventilation is required. They have an efficiency rating between 87.3% and 91.1%.

Potterton Performa Combi HE Overview

ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Performa Combi 24 Eco HECombiH – 780 mm
W – 450 mm
D – 345 mm
9.8 l/min24 kWB 86% – 90%£640
Performa Combi 30 HECombiH – 780 mm
W – 450 mm
D – 345 mm
12.1 l/min30 kWB 86% – 90%£705
Key Features & Benefits
SEDBUK Band B compliant with building regulationsSave Heating Costs
An optional LPG conversion kitFor high efficiency
Optional wireless programmable room thermostatConvenience
An operating mode selector switch with resetEase of Use
Independent control of hot water and heating temperatureConvenience
Can be situated in an unventilated cupboardEasy to install
Parts and labour warrantyPeace of mind
1 Year Boiler WarrantyPeace of mind

What We Think of the Potterton Performa Combi HE

Two models sit snugly within this range and both are Combi boilers, which means they are best for properties which want to save  on the space needed for a modern central heating system. The first boiler is rated at 24kW and supplies hot water to the taps (on demand), at a rate of flow which equals 9.8 litres a minute. For the bigger boiler, the output is 30kW and the flow-rate is 30kW.

The Combi system has become very popular because the average sized house does not need to make use of all the trappings that surround a more traditional system, which usually have to have a hot water storage tank, a cold water cistern and an expansion tank. The Combi sits alone, fed by cold water from the mains, and fulfils both functions of providing hot water to the taps and heating the radiators.

Ideal for medium properties and weighing in at just over 40kg.

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You should also take into account the safety record of your prospective boiler installer and how flexible they are. All boiler installations should be carried out by Gas Safe Registered Engineers

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Rated 3.0 out of 5
16 March 2015

No Title

A combi boiler is pbrlaoby the cheapest replacement method as your conventional system will almost certainly require some expensive alterations to bring it in line with todays Building Regulations which is a mandatory requirement The combi system or any other for that matter would require the valves to be thermostatic on the radiators except one and in that room a room thermostat would have to be fitted(unless of course you already have them). The hot water cylinder will need to be replaced with a high efficiency one and they are several hundred pounds without fitting. As has been stated you will get all the hot water you need at the turn of a tap but do get a good boiler. I personally favour Baxi, Glowworm,Potterton and Worcester Bosch but there are others. Do yourself a big favour and get 3/4 prices inc BG if you wish and you will see a huge price difference between BG and any others although I understand BG are lowering theirs and their systems are no better or worse than any reputable independent installer. Get recommendations from friends if you can rather than just picking from the directory.