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British Gas Smart Meters: Pros, Cons and Reviews

If you are a British Gas energy customer and are keen to forge ahead with a smart meter installation, then knowing how to go about it in the easiest way will help you get the best outcome with the least stress.

We’ve shared the process and some of the common questions customers ask when going smart – look at our guide and get your appointment arranged today!


What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is a type of meter that measures your use of electricity or gas with self-reading capabilities and can provide you with real-time information on your energy use and your expenditure. The UK Government has supported the rollout of smart meters to all customers in the country, but there is no mandatory requirement to have one unless you want one. British Gas are one of the suppliers that are offering smart meter installation to their customers.

The British Gas Smart Meter Rollout

Wherever a smart meter installation is possible for British Gas customers, the company is offering an installation appointment. Most meters can be easily swapped for new smart options, and they also offer a handy home display that allows you to see what you are using and when you are using it. British Gas is working hard to meet the installation goals so that all interested customers can get a smart meter as quickly as possible.

How Much Will a British Gas Smart Meter Cost?

When you think about how much work is involved in switching traditional meters to new smart ones, you may be worried about affording the work. You’ll be pleased to know that all smart meters are being installed free of charge with no cost for the meter either. Yes, that’s right – if you decide to go ahead with a smart meter installation, then it will be done free of charge! The only exception to this is if you want the new meter installed in a different location, and then you may need to pay a fee for it to be moved.

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How Can I Arrange a Smart Meter with British Gas?

Once you have decided that you want to install a smart meter, all you need to do is contact British Gas via an online form. In the majority of cases, you will be offered an appointment within the next 14 days, allowing you to pick the date that works best for you. If you can’t find an appointment that suits you, you can keep checking back to book it when one becomes available.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Smart Meter?

There are several key benefits to installing a smart meter in your home, including:

  • Lowering Your Energy Costs – as you become more aware of what you are using and how much it is costing, you are more likely to make energy-saving changes that will lower your bills.
  • No More Meter Reading Visits – if you hate having meter reader visits, then this will be resolved with a smart meter as it will upload your readings via the network, saving the hassle of having a stranger in your property.
  • Giving You Control – we all want to save ourselves from wasting money, and the home display that comes with your installation gives you the opportunity to set a budget for each day, keeping your spending on track.
  • Working Out What Costs the Most – if you are worried that an appliance is using too much energy, your home display will show you the cost of energy before it is turned on so that you can see how much it increases as you use it, helping you to weed out any expensive appliances or faulty ones.

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What Happens on Installation Day?

On the day of your installation, you will get a specific timeframe in which your engineer will arrive at the property. You will also be able to track your engineer from within your British Gas account on the website. 

When the engineer arrives, they will check that the meters are accessible and then switch off the energy supply as they remove the old meters and install the new ones. Once complete, they will turn the power back on and walk you through how to use the new meters and the accompanying home display unit before answering any questions you may have.

How to Read British Gas Meters

Once your meter is installed, you will want to know how to read it so that you can check your usage. Your first option is to navigate to the meter reading section of your home display, as this updates in real-time. If you prefer to get your readings direct from the meter, simply press the green button (with an A) twice, holding it down on the second press to get to the menu. You can scroll through the menu to either find a display that says ‘Total Act Import’ or ‘Rate 01 Act Imp’ which will display your meter reading to you. If you have a two-rate tariff, you can then scroll once more to find ‘Total Act Import 2’ or ‘Rate 02 Act Imp’ for the second reading.

How to Top Up British Gas Meters

If you have a prepayment smart meter, you can enjoy more ways to top up than ever before! You will no longer need to head to the shop to get your energy topped up but can choose to use online top-ups, phone top-ups, text top-ups, and in-app top-ups. Once your smart meter is installed, your engineer will show you how to organise your top-ups so that you never have to dash to the shop in a panic ever again.

Smart Meter FAQ

Still not sure about a smart meter? Check out some of the most asked questions here:

How Long Does Installation Take?

The average smart meter installation takes around two hours to complete, including the time it takes to show you how everything works.

How Accurate Are British Gas Smart Meters?

Your new smart meter will be as accurate as your old meter. It will also send your meter readings directly to British Gas so that you don’t have to put up with estimated bills.

How Often Will My Meter Readings Be Sent?

All smart meters send meter readings at least once per month direct to the supplier so that they can issue accurate bills on time. However, you can opt to have yours sent daily or even every half an hour should you want to.

Can I Get a Smart Meter for My Rented Property?

Yes, getting a smart meter installed at your rented property is easily organised, but you will need to get permission from your landlord first, as there will be a reference to your energy supply in your tenancy agreement that may need to be updated.

Arrange Your Smart Meter with British Gas Today

If you are keen to save on your energy bills and see exactly where you are spending the most, a smart meter will be a great help. Contact British Gas online to request yours and look forward to an installation date within 14 days in most cases. Head back to us once your smart meter is installed to get more energy-saving advice!

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