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E.on Smart Meters: Pros and Cons and Reviews

Are you keen to find out more about smart meters? Is your energy supplied by E.on? Well, you are in the right place! Any E.on customer that is thinking about a smart meter should learn more about the process involved, getting answers to any of the questions you may have.

Our guide to E.on smart meters aims to clearly explain the process of choosing smart, what you will get and how to use your new meter to your advantage. Check it out now!

What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is a next-generation meter that tracks your energy usage and sends your data directly to your supplier. The units are measured in the same way on a smart meter as they are on a traditional meter, but the smart meter is also connected to a central network that allows easy communication with E.on or any other supplier that you switch to. The original smart meters were not able to switch from one supplier to another, but since 2019, new smart meters have been used for all installations, giving you the freedom to choose the supplier you want, when you want.

How E.on Are Rolling Out Smart Meters

E.on are one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK and have been part of the smart meter rollout across the country. If you are an E.on customer and want to arrange a smart meter for your property then you simply need to let them know and arrange an appointment. Virtually all traditional meters can be easily replaced with smart meters, and if yours is one of the exceptions, then E.on will work hard to find a way to solve the problem so that you can have a smart meter in the future too.

Who Pays for Smart Meters and Installation?

When you choose to have a new smart meter, E.on will pay for it and the installation as long as you are their customer. This means no costs for you to cover unless you want to pay to have the meter location moved, but usually the current location is often the best unless you are looking to complete renovations on your property. If you do decide to request your meter is moved during installation, E.on will provide you with a quote for the work you need to pay for before you agree to having it done.

Arranging Your Smart Meter Installation with E.on

When you are ready to arrange a smart meter installation with E.on, all you have to do is head over to their website and use their online booking form to pick a date within the next 28 days. As you progress through the booking, you will need to highlight if your current meter is hard to reach or high up as this will affect the type of installation you have. If you live in an area with poor signal then you may not be able to get a smart meter right away but E.on are working to provide solutions for all customers as they continue to roll out their meters so you should be able to proceed in the near future instead.

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The E.on Smart Meter Installation Process

When your installation date comes around you will be given a specific time slot that tells you when to expect your engineer. This will also be followed up with a call from your engineer when they are on their way to you, helping you to navigate the rest of your day without wasting time. On arriving to your property, the engineer will remove both meters (the gas and electricity will need to be switched off as this happens), and then install your new meters. 

E.on say that most visits will take between 45 mins – 90 mins but that you should allow two hours just in case. Once the installation has been completed, the engineer will talk you through how to use your new system and show you the new home display they have connected and how to use it to set budgets and see your usage. The engineer will then check that they have properly tidied up after themselves before leaving you to enjoy your new meter. 

How to Read E.on Meters

Are you wondering how to read your new E.on smart meter? It’s really straightforward – start by pressing the green ‘A’ button twice and then scroll through the menu until you reach a screen that says either ‘Total Act Import’ or ‘Rate 01 Act Imp’. This screen will display a number and that number is your meter reading! If you have a two-rate tariff, you can scroll to the next screen to get the second reading from a screen that says ‘Total Act Import 2’ or ‘Rate 02 Act Imp’.

How to Top Up E.on Meters

All smart meters can be used for either credit or prepayment accounts. If you opt to use yours as a prepayment account then you’ll be pleased to know that you have to go out to the shop to get money put on your key any more! Once your meter is installed, your engineer will direct you to the website and app that you need to use for your top ups and also provide you with a phone number you can ring if you prefer to top up that way instead. Your tops ups can be done manually or you can register your payment method to allow for automatic top ups when you get close to running out of credit.

Why a Smart Meter is a Great Choice

Smart meters offer a lot of great benefits that you can look forward to enjoying, including:

  • Putting You in Control when you can see what you are spending on energy you will feel more empowered to make simple changes that can have a big impact on your bill.
  • No Need to Provide Readings as all meter readings are sent directly to E.on, you won’t need to take readings unless E.on has an issue with validating your data. This happens very rarely and they will message you directly if they need you to complete a reading for them.
  • Understanding What You Have Spent if you are confused as to what is causing your bills to soar, your smart meter display can help. It will tell you how much energy you are spending a minute, so that you can play around with your appliances and switches to see which one is causing it to soar!

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Smart Meters for Prepayment Customers

Many people that have old, prepayment meters are left confused about whether they can have a new smart meter installed or not. The good news is that yes, you can! Smart meters are designed to work with both prepayment and credit accounts, allowing you to choose the best payment solution for your needs. Once your meter is installed, you will be able to top up via a dedicated app and arrange auto top ups to save you from ever running out of credit – it’s so simple!

Get Your E.on Smart Meter TodayIf you are ready to get a smart meter and want to enjoy the savings that come with having one installed then you need to head to your E.on account and get your appointment booked now. Once your smart meter has been installed, come back to Boilers Prices to discover even more useful energy saving advice!

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