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Ovo Smart Meters: Pros, Cons and Reviews

Ovo customers are being urged to arrange a smart meter installation, but this can be a confusing decision to make, especially if you don’t have all the information you need to make a choice that works for your needs.

We’ve put this handy guide together to tell you more about smart meters, the installation process and lots of other useful information that should answer all the questions you may have – read on to find out more.

When Were Smart Meters First Introduced

Many consumers are shocked to learn that the first smart meters were offered as long ago as 2011. However, there has been a clear rollout roadmap for leading suppliers to follow, with Ovo having specific targets to adhere to. The first smart meters were known as SMETS 1 and only worked with the supplier that installed them, but these are now being remotely upgraded to allow users to switch to new providers.

The meters that are now being installed are called SMETS 2, and they run from a central network that can be accessed by all providers, meaning that you can stick with Ovo or switch to Ovo from your current supplier without losing the smart capabilities.

Smart Meters the Ovo Way

Each energy supplier is responsible for getting as many customers to sign up for a smart meter as possible, but how they do it is up to them. Ovo advertises its smart meters on its website, providing you with an online booking option or allowing you to call to make an installation appointment. 

If you have Economy 7 or live in an area with a poor signal, then you won’t be able to get a smart meter from Ovo yet. Should your signal improve in the future, then you will be able to request an installation at that point.

How to Read Ovo Meters

Reading your meter is an important part of monitoring your energy usage and working out where your money is going. To read your new Ovo smart meter, you need to press the green button that is marked with an A twice to get to the menu. Once you are at the menu, you can scroll through until you find the screen that says ‘Rate 01 Act Imp’ or ‘Total Act Import’ as this will show your reading. Scroll one more time for two-rate tariffs to get your second reading from the screen that says ‘Rate 02 Act Imp’ or ‘Total Act Import 2’.

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How to Top Up Ovo Meters

When you are an Ovo prepayment customer you will need to know how to pay for your energy so that you don’t run out. The good news is that you can top up on the phone, online, in-app or even via text in some cases. Your engineer will walk you through the process on installation day and show you the app you need to download to get the credit you need. Once set up, you can schedule auto top ups or continue to do it manually to suit your needs and your budget.

Affording a New Smart Meter

As more households face the pressure of growing bills, affording a new smart meter may have been putting you off getting one. However, smart meters are free, and so is installation, meaning that your new smart meter will cost absolutely nothing. You will need to be at the property for the installation visit, but this shouldn’t take too long, enabling you to get on with your day with minimal interruption.

Using Smart Meters to Lower Your Energy Bills

One of the best parts of owning smart meters is that they can really help you to lower your energy costs by educating you on what you are using. Each smart meter installed by Ovo will come with a home display that you can look at to see how much energy you are using, helping you to work out what is costing you the most to use. 

You can also use the display to set a daily budget for your energy use, showing you when you are below and over the budget you’ve set. Finally, the home display will also show you the energy you have used in currency as well as units, stopping you from worrying about what your bill may say when it arrives.

Preparing for Your Smart Meter Installation

Once you have booked your smart meter installation visit, you will need to prepare your property for the installation. Your old meter will need to be free of any obstructions, and you will need to clear the area around it so that the engineer can get appropriate access to be able to make the switch for you. 

If your meter is high up or hard to reach, you should let Ovo know when you make your booking so that they can arrange the appropriate tools and engineer the first time around. Plus, if you are requesting that your meter gets moved to a brand-new location, you will have to have a site survey and be willing to pay for the cost of installing it elsewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Meters

Before you make your decision about whether to have a smart meter installed, take the time to check out our frequently asked questions and answers:

Can I Get a Smart Meter for My Rental Property?

Yes, if you are the named bill payer, then you can install a smart meter without worry. However, it is advisable to run your decision past your landlord or rental agency in case there is an energy clause in your contract.

How Messy is a Smart Meter Installation?

Most smart meter installations are very straightforward and mess-free, plus the engineer will tidy up after they have finished and take all the packaging and the old meter with them to dispose of safely. Should you require more extensive installation work, you may find that you need to decorate over the old meter point, but there should be no damage or mess left that your engineer could clean up and resolve.

How Well Do Ovo Organise Their Appointments

Ovo state that they want to make installation as easy and stress-free as possible for their clients and have organised their installation appointment system to work for you. They start by giving you a chance to book an appointment at a time that suits you so that you can fit it around your other responsibilities. Once confirmed, you will get a call from the engineer before they arrive, and you will also be sent a tracking link to see how far away your engineer is before they arrive.

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