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SSE Smart Meter: Pros, Cons and Reviews

The number of smart meters installed in the UK is nearly at 30 million, with more people opting to go smart.

If you are an SSE customer, you can arrange your smart meter installation direct with the company, and we’re here to tell you how. Take a look at our handy guide and book your appointment with confidence.

Understanding the Smart Meter Revolution

If you’ve not heard about the smart meter revolution in the UK then this is for you! In 2011, the main energy suppliers in the UK started to rollout a programme of smart meter installations in properties across Great Britain. The first meters to be used were SMETS 1 meters and they worked using 3G connectivity to share your meter information with your supplier. However, it was soon discovered that these meters could not transfer to new suppliers without losing the ability to automatically send meter readings. This problem was solved with the introduction of SMETS 2 meters which are now used for all new smart meter installation visits.

The Government has provided all the big name energy suppliers with specific smart meter installation quotas that they must achieve by specific dates. Should these quotas not be achieved, large fines will be issued to the supplier, something they are working hard to avoid by encouraging all their customers to have one installed. SSE are one of the suppliers that are working to increase installation numbers and if you are a customer then you should be able to arrange an installation with ease.

Factors to Consider When Thinking About Getting a Smart Meter

When you start to think about a smart meter, you may be wary about what it will mean for you. Take a look at some of the main positives when choosing to go ahead with a meter change:

  • You Can Enjoy Easy Reading Submissions smart meters upload meter readings automatically, stopping you from having to do this for your energy company. You can still check your meter readings at any time you want with the home display or at the meter itself.
  • You Can Understand Your Usage along with a smart meter comes the ability to understand your usage better than before. This means that you can understand how you are using your energy and also find ways to cut your bills too!
  • You Can Control Your Budget as part of your smart meter installation, you will also be given a home display that you can use to set budgets and see previous usage. This not only helps you know what your bill will say but also give you more control over what you are spending.

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Arranging a Smart Meter with SSE

If you decide that you want to go ahead with a smart meter installation then you will need to contact SSE via phone or online to discuss the options available to you, including potential installation dates. The SSE team will confirm if you are able to get an installation organised and arrange a time and date to suit your availability. SSE promise to offer an appointment as quickly as they can, and this usually means within 30 days of making your initial enquiry.

What to Expect on Installation Day

Once your installation has been confirmed, you will want to know what to expect on the day of installation. SSE promise to provide you with a timed slot for the agreed date so that you don’t have to give up your entire day waiting and will also provide you with an update when your engineer is on their way to you.

On arrival, the engineer will complete a visual check of your meters and ensure that it is safe to proceed with the installation. Once they are ready to start swapping the meters they will need to turn off your power for a short time – this is an essential part of the installation so it’s wise to arrange an appointment at a convenient time for this to happen. Finally, they will explain the new meters to you and show you how to use them and your home display to get the most from your ongoing energy use.

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Commonly Asked Questions About SSE Smart Meters

If you are keen on the idea of a smart meter but still have some questions then take a look at the most commonly asked ones below to help with your decision making:

Can I Have a PrePayment Smart Meter?

Yes – all smart meters can be used for credit or prepayment accounts and your engineer will show you how to use them accordingly. If you are a prepayment user you can look forward to automatic tops ups and lots of other great smart features that will make it easier to get the energy you need at any time of the day or night.

Could I Be Refused a Smart Meter?

SSE state that they cannot install smart meters in areas that have poor signal at this time. However, improvements in mobile network towers are constantly being completed, meaning that you may be able to get one in the future when the signal in your area improves.

How Long Will Installation Take To Complete?

SSE say that the majority of their meters can be installed in a two hour visit, for customers that have arranged a replacement gas and electricity meter. If you are only having one meter installed then your visit won’t take as long, but if your installation is complex then it may take more than the expected two hours to complete.

Getting the Best Energy Advice from BoilersPrices

Now you have all the information you need about smart meters, it may be a great time to start thinking about your appliances, boiler and central heating and whether they are offering the most energy efficient solutions you need. If you need further advice on energy saving or more, then take a look at our information as a great starting point!

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