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RESU LG Chem Solar Batteries Costs, Reviews and Specifications

Boasting 23 years of experience in delivering solutions in the energy sector, LG Chem is recognised as an industry leader in lithium-ion batteries and offers a wide range of products to meet a broad range of application requirements.

LG Chem’s energy storage systems store surplus energy generated from rooftop solar panels for use at night or on poor weather days. Its RESU solar battery series consists of six products, which are compact, easy to install and suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. 

LG Chem RESU Solar Batteries

The RESU solar battery series by LG Chem offers product options ranging from 3.3kWh to 13.1kWh and includes 48V models available in 3.3kWh, 6.5kWh, 9.8kWh and 13kWh. The RESU series also consists of 400V batteries, available in 7.0kWh and 9.8kWh sizes. 

LG Chem’s residential energy storage systems are compact and lightweight to allow for fast and easy installation indoors or outdoors, and you can connect all models of the 48V line-up with a RESU Plus box. RESU Plus is an expansion kit that allows you to combine up to two 48V RESU batteries. In addition, the RESU series is compatible with a range of inverters. 

As the LG Chem RESU enables you to generate your own energy, it can help you be more energy independent. You can use the energy stored in your RESU battery to meet your energy needs when the sun has set, when energy demand is high or when you experience a power cut.

Below, you can find more information about the two product line-ups in the LG Chem RESU series. 

48V Models

Total Energy3.3kWh6.5kWh9.8kWh13.1kWh
Usable Energy2.95.98.812.4
Nominal Voltage (V)51.851.851.851.8
Voltage Range (V)42.0 – 58.842.0 – 58.842.0 – 58.842.0 – 58.8
Dimensions H – 403mmW – 452mmD – 120mmH – 656mmW – 452mmD – 120mmH – 484mmW – 452mmD – 227mmH – 626mmW – 452mmD – 227mm

400V Models

Total Energy7.0kWh9.8kWh7.0kWh9.8kWh
Usable Energy6.
Voltage Range (V)350 – 450430 – 550350 – 450430 – 550
Dimensions H – 692mmW – 744mmD – 206mmH – 907mmW – 744mmD – 206mmH – 907mmW – 744mmD – 206mmH – 907mmW – 744mmD – 206mm

How much do LG Chem RESU Solar Batteries Cost?

The amount you can expect to pay depends on the model and size of your chosen LG Chem RESU solar battery. You can find typical battery prices below. But, please note, the prices in the table do not include VAT or installation costs.  

RESU3.3 48V3.3kWh£2,160
RESU6.5 48V6.5kWh£3,200
RESU10 48V9.8kWh£4,300
RESU13 48V 13.1kWh£4,800
RESU7H 400V7.0kWh£4,800
RESU10H 400V9.8kWh£5,600

Why Choose an LG Chem RESU Solar Battery?

The benefits of having an LG Chem RESU solar battery system installed include:

  • Compact and lightweight – allows for fast and easy installation
  • Long lifespan – expected life of at least 10 years
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation
  • Diverse product options ranging from 3.3kWh to 13.1kWh 
  • Feature world-class technology 
  • Proven safety – all LG Chem batteries have a proven safety record and are fully certified to relevant global standards
  • Industry-leading continuous power and DC round trip efficiency (95%)
  • Possible to connect up to 2 LG Chem batteries
  • 10-year warranty

LG Chem RESU Solar Battery Reviews

We couldn’t find any reviews from UK-based customers as of the time of writing in December 2021. However, we do know that the LG Chem RESU series are considered some of the best solar batteries available on the market. 

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