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Powervault Solar Batteries Costs, Reviews and Specifications

Powervault makes its range of batteries in Britain and is known for developing intelligent and sophisticated battery storage solutions for UK homes and businesses. All products are designed and assembled in London and can store excess solar energy for later use, as well as store cheap, off-peak electricity from the grid to supply your home more cost-effectively.

The team behind Powervault are on a mission to pioneer a sustainable energy future by providing economic energy storage systems that help customers save money and do their bit to protect the environment. 

Powervault Batteries

Powervault offers the Powervault 3 battery storage product and a cheaper version called the eco. 

By storing solar energy during the day and discharging it in the evening, Powervault 3 can reduce your energy bills by up to 50%. It can also store low-cost electricity from the grid for use at peak times, meaning you can benefit from lower bills, even without solar. 

Powervault batteries are compatible with all solar PV systems and can be connected to your home in under 4 hours. They’re modular and scalable, allowing you easily to add capacity in the future. Powervault also offers a customer portal that lets you monitor your energy use and optimise charging schedules. 

With a Powervault battery, you can sign up to the GridFLEX platform and earn an extra £120 by occasionally allowing the platform to control your battery and support the grid. The £120 payment is guaranteed for two years. 

Below, you can find more information about the Powervault 3 and Powervault 3 eco batteries. 

Powervault 3

Powervault 3 uses long-lasting lithium-polymer (Li-MNC) cells and comes in five different capacities from 4kWh to 20kWh. 

Powervault 34kWh8kWh12kWh16kWh20kWh
Battery TypeLithium ionLithium ionLithium ionLithium ionLithium ion
Usable Capacity 4kWh8kWh12kWh16kWh20kWh
Max Continuous Power Input2.7kW3.1kW3.1kW3.1kW3.1kW
Max Continuous Power Output2.1kW4.0kW5.5kW5.5kW5.5kW
Battery Nominal Voltage48V48V48V48V48V
Dimensions H – 127mmW – 100mmD – 25mmH – 127mmW – 100mmD – 25mmH – 184mmW – 100mmD – 25mmH – 184mmW – 100mmD – 25mmH – 212mmW – 100mmD – 25mm
Optimum LocationIndoors and ground level: Utility room, kitchen or garageIndoors and ground level: Utility room, kitchen or garageIndoors and ground level: Utility room, kitchen or garageIndoors and ground level: Utility room, kitchen or garageIndoors and ground level: Utility room, kitchen or garage
Warranty10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years

Powervault 3 eco

Powervault 3 eco uses low-cost recycled lithium-manganese-oxide (LMO) cells from electric vehicles and comes in three different capacities from 3.9kWh to 7.9kWh. 

Powervault 3 eco4kWh6kWh8kWh
Battery TypeSecond-life LMOSecond-life LMOSecond-life LMO
Usable Capacity 3.9kWh5.9kWh7.9kWh
Max Continuous Power Input3.5kW3.8kW3.8kW
Max Continuous Power Output3.5kW5.2kW5.5kW
Battery Nominal Voltage52.5V52.5V52.5V
Dimensions H – 120mmW – 98mmD – 25mmH – 149mmW – 98mmD – 25mmH – 177mmW – 98mmD – 25mm
Optimum LocationIndoors and ground level: Utility room, kitchen or garageIndoors and ground level: Utility room, kitchen or garageIndoors and ground level: Utility room, kitchen or garage
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years

How much do Powervault Batteries Cost?

The Powervault 3 battery has a capacity of 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20kWh and costs between £4,700 and £14,800, depending on the battery capacity you choose. The Powervault 3 eco is a cheaper version that stores 3.9, 5.9 or 7.9kWh and will set you back between £3,500 and £5,000.

Powervault says its batteries can cut your electricity bills by up to 50% by storing solar energy in the day and using it at night. Additional savings of up to 15% can be made if you’re on a ‘smart’ time-of-use tariff and store low-cost electricity and use it at peak times. You can also earn money via the GridFLEX platform when you allow Powervault to control your battery and support the grid at certain times of the day. 

Why Choose a Powervault Battery?

The benefits of having a Powervault battery system installed include:

  • Reduce your reliance on the grid
  • Save on electricity costs
  • Modern, sleek and minimalist design
  • Simple to install
  • Safe technology – all batteries undergo extensive safety testing and EMC and CE certification
  • Compatible with all solar systems
  • No maintenance
  • Built-in solar inverter
  • The Powervault 3 eco gives batteries a second life
  • Compatible with smart tariffs – benefit from low-cost energy from the grid
  • Customer Portal – enables you to track and monitor your energy usage
  • GridFLEX Platform – You can receive £120 a year when you sign up (guaranteed for 2 years)
  • British company – engineers and customer service advisors are always on-hand to provide support should anything go wrong with your battery
  • Powervault 3 comes with a lengthy 10-year warranty

Powervault Home Battery Reviews

Powervault currently has a 3.8-star rating on Google based on 12 customer reviews. The company has also been rated on Trustpilot and has an ‘Average’ consumer rating of 3.2 stars from 3 reviews.

Please note that the above Google rating and Trustpilot score are correct at the time of writing in December 2021. 

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