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Understanding Boiler Installation Costs

Are you buying a new boiler and want to know how much the installation cost will be? We’re here to help! Not only have we shared this guide to boilers installation costs, but we’ve also explained some of the key information you’ll need to know before your installation date comes around. Check it out now.

Getting Quotes for Your New Boiler

One of the most important parts of the installation process is getting a number of quotes for the work that needs to be done. Interestingly, you will find there is often a disparity in installation costs between providers, so getting as many quotes as you can will allow you to find a deal that works for you.

Think About Your Boiler Type

It’s also important to note that your boiler installation costs will depend on the type of boiler you have chosen. Cheaper boilers often cost less to install as the system is not so complex, whereas more robust, premium boilers can cost more. If you want to balance getting the best boiler with achieving a reasonable installation cost, then it is a good idea to replace like for like where ever possible, as there will be less work required to complete the installation.

However, if you are switching from a combi to a system or vice versa, then you will need to be prepared for additional costs so that the engineer can remove the old system properly before installing the new one. Also, if you are looking for a new boiler installation for your business, then commercial boilers often have higher installation costs due to the size and equipment involved in getting the boiler up and running.

Don’t Forget About Hidden Costs

When you are searching for installation costs, you also need to consider some of the unexpected or hidden costs that may come up. For example, you may need to have an old back boiler removed which will incur extra charges or want tanks taken out when switching from an old system to a modern combi-boiler setting.

It’s also important to think about valuable inclusions for your new system, such as a magnetic filter that will stop your central heating system from clogging. These filters do cost around £200-£250 to buy and install, so make sure you ask for quotes with and without the filter to get a clear idea of what you will need to pay.

Getting My Boiler Fitted – Labour Costs Only

If you are keen to get an average price for a boiler installation, then you should be thinking in the ballpark of £300 – £900 for labour costs only. This price should include fittings and copper pipe for a straightforward installation, but the cost of the boiler and any other preparation or removal work will be additional. It is possible to get a quote for all the work and the new boiler in one, but again, we’d recommend getting as many quotes as possible to help you pick the best solution.

For example, if you want to move the position of your boiler, then you should expect the installation cost to be higher, or if you include new radiators in the work, then the cost of installing them will be additional. 

It’s also important to remember that the cost can be impacted depending on who you choose to do the work. Large, national companies will often charge more than a local, self-employed engineer. However, remember that whoever you choose, they must be Gas Safe registered to ensure the safety of the system and the people who will be using it.

Different Combi Boiler Installation Prices for Different Boiler Fuel Types

If you have decided that you want a new combi boiler but want to save some cash, then you may be wondering if the type of fuel it uses will impact on the cost of installation. The good news is that it shouldn’t. In fact, the type of fuel generally has no bearing on the cost of installation at all, giving you the freedom to pick the best fuel for your needs. 

However, the price the fitter charges could be different as you will need different specialists depending on the fuel you choose. For gas systems, you will need a Gas Safe engineer, for oil you will need an OFTEC engineer, and for LPG you will need a Gas Safe LPG specialist engineer. You may also need to pay more if your new system requires two people to move it and install it, so looking for a lighter-weight system can help you save cash.

Understanding Combi Boiler Installation Costs

With such a big difference in potential installation costs, it is a good idea to understand how an installation job is priced. We’ve listed all the considerations to help you make your decision:

  • Weight one of the biggest factors for pricing is the weight of your new boiler and whether it can be carried by one person or if you will need to pay for a second engineer to help move it. Often oil boilers are the heaviest choices and will need a team of two.
  • Complexity another factor that alters your quote is how difficult the job will be to complete. If you have a straightforward remove and install, then your quote will be lower, but if you need extensive removals, system swapping and relocation as part of the job, then you can expect to pay more.
  • Extras if you choose to have filters installed as part of your installation, then this will cost more in the short term. However, the benefit of the filters means that your system will not get clogged with sludge and debris.
  • Location Finally, your geographical location will have an impact on your quote, with those living in London tending to spend nearly twice as much as people who live in the North.

Finding Quotations That You Can Trust

Now you know everything that is involved in a boiler installation, you are probably ready to start sourcing quotes. At Boilers Prices, we work hard to find all the best engineers so that you don’t have to waste time making multiple phone calls and chasing up on requests. Simply head over to our simple quotation form and input your details before being presented with the best engineers and best prices in your area. With us, boiler installation is easier than ever!