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Vaillant Gas ecoTEC Plus 615 HE Boilers Prices

Vaillant Gas ecoTEC Plus 615 HE boilers prices start from £780 without installation

Vaillant gas ecoTEC Plus 615 HE boilers are part of a new range of high efficiency Vaillant gas boilers. This new series meets the hot water and heating demands of any modern household.

Vaillant is already a leading boiler manufacturer with a proven record of designing and making reliable, high energy efficient and top quality domestic boilers. It’s ecoTEC Plus range is no exception, and comes with even more features, including a stainless steel heat exchanger which minimises any wasted energy, and an innovative new electronic gas and air modulation system which means cleaner and lower emission combustion rates.

Vaillant’s 615 HE System Boiler is the most popular of the ecoTEC Plus range. It is SEDBUK Band ‘A’ rated for high energy efficiency, and provides a central heating output ranging from 4.9 to 15.0 KW. It is best suited to medium family households.

Key Features & Benefits
SEDBUK ‘A’ efficiency ratingLower gas bills
Ideal For Medium Sized PropertiesPowerful enough to meet mid water demands
Two Stage Frost ProtectionReliability and Durability
Cuts Energy Billsturns more than 90% of the fuel to heat
central heating water temperature can be adjustedHigh level of comfort
Compact Design and Low FitSpace saving and lightest in its range
Push button-programming plus comprehensive diagnostic information.User Friendly and easy to maintain
Electronic Gas & Air Modulation SystemEconomical
Manufacturers 2 Year WarrantyPeace Of Mind
Fully Modulating Low NOx Burner & FanSafe
Future proof Low Energy & High Efficiency Pump.Durability

With its improved features, the ecoTEC Plus 615 HE System Boiler runs more economically; resulting in even lower fuel costs. Its elegant design makes it look good, and compact dimensions allow easy installation.

When it comes to getting your boiler quote, we do recommend you shop around for the boiler price. We do recommend getting a national installer quote and also get a quote from a local boiler installer. You want to compare them on the price of the actual boiler and the price of installation.  Average installation costs are between £1,500 – £1,800. Comparing Vaillant Gas ecoTEC Plus 615 HE boilers prices could save you hundreds of pounds.

Other factors to consider include flexibility of your installer when it comes to booking a date for your boilers to be installed and the safety record of your installer.  Today all boiler installations are carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers. This ensures the boiler is installed correctly and safely.

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