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Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi 25kw, 32kw 35kw, 38kW

The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi is a high efficiency condensing combination boiler that can deliver hot water in seconds.

Ideal for comfortably heating homes of all sizes, the Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi is a stylish and modern natural gas boiler that can be converted to LPG if required. Not only has it won a Which? Best Buy award but the boiler also received the Quiet Mark accreditation. Thanks to its high-end components and excellent modulation range, this fantastic boiler promises maximum efficiency and low energy consumption so that it can save you money on your fuel bills.

How Much Does this Boiler Cost?

This combination boiler comes in four heating outputs including 25kW, 32kW, 35kW and 38kW, so prices vary according to these outputs. You can expect to pay between £1,110 and £1,500, depending on which model (kW) you need for your home. But remember, this is only the cost of the boiler and you’ll need to get prices on the installation as well. As prices differ between boiler suppliers and installers, we recommend you shop around and compare both boiler and fitting costs.

How will I know if this Boiler is Suitable for My Home?

All combi boilers (or combination boilers) are able to produce hot water on demand without the need for a hot water storage cylinder or cold water tank. This is great news if your home is on the small side or you don’t have any airing cupboard or loft space. Combi boilers are also the most popular boiler type in the UK because they ensure hot water is almost instant. When it comes to the ecoTEC Plus Combi, options are available for small, medium and large properties.

If you want to know whether this boiler is the right type for your household, you’ll need to consult a Gas Safe registered engineer who can assess your home and requirements. Whilst doing this, your chosen engineer can work out which heat output will meet your heating and hot water demands.

Is it a High Efficiency Boiler?

Yes, the ecoTEC Plus Combi has a rating of 89.3% and is ErP A-rated for heating and hot water efficiency. It offers low energy consumption and can reduce its maximum output to just 16% when it knows you need less heat, helping to cut the cost of your energy bills. If you want to use the minimum energy required to heat your home, you can purchase the intelligent VRC 700 or vSMART heating control that ensures you save even more money by making your system run in the most efficient way possible.

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Does this Boiler have a Good Range of Controls and Features?

The controls are actually concealed behind a drop-down panel and include a pressure gauge, on/off and reset switches, as well as central heating and hot water temperature controls. Key features include a stainless steel heat exchanger for improved efficiency, a flame detection system for low noise and combustion, and two-stage frost protection. This boiler also comes with its own step by step wizard, which is basically a guide that ensures straightforward installation and boiler setup. If you live in an off-gas area, don’t worry because Vaillant offers a range of LPG models too.

How long is the Warranty on this Boiler?

Vaillant’s ecoTEC Plus Combi is backed by a 5-year parts and labour warranty as standard. You may be able to upgrade this to 7 or 10 years, so be sure to ask about this at the time of purchase.

ecoTEC Plus Combi Size and Prices


ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
ecoTEC Plus 824CombiH – 720 mm
W – 440 mm
D – 335 mm
9.4 l/min24 kWB 86% – 90%£964
ecoTEC Plus 831CombiH – 720 mm
W – 440 mm
D – 335 mm
12.7 l/min31 kWB 86% – 90%£1060.88
ecoTEC plus Combi 25CombiH – 440 mm
W – 720 mm
D – 338 mm
15.9 l/min25 kWA 90% and above£1110
ecoTEC plus Combi 32CombiH – 440 mm
W – 720 mm
D – 338 mm
15.9 l/min32 kWA 90% and above£1250
ecoTEC plus Combi 32CombiH – 440 mm
W – 720 mm
D – 338 mm
15.9 l/min32 kWA 90% and above£1250
ecoTEC Plus 837CombiH – 720 mm
W – 440 mm
D – 403 mm
15.2 l/min37 kWB 86% – 90%£1273.92
ecoTEC plus Combi 35CombiH – 440 mm
W – 720 mm
D – 338 mm
15.9 l/min35 kWA 90% and above£1380
ecoTEC-plus-combi-38CombiH – 406 mm
W – 720 mm
D – 338 mm
15.9 l/min38 kWA 90% and above£1500

Summary of Important Information

  • Priced between £1,110 and £1,500
  • Heating output of 25kW, 32kW, 35kW or 38kW
  • Hot water flow rates of 10.5, 13, 14.3 or 15.9 litres per minute
  • Dimensions of 440mm (H) x 720mm (W) x 338mm (D) (38kW model has a depth of 406)
  • Uses gas as its fuel source
  • A-rated for efficiency
  • Smart compatible
  • 5-year warranty as standard

Pros and Cons

Having reviewed the Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi, we can now see why it is recommended by engineers and so well-liked by all those who own one. We honestly don’t have anything negative to report, so you can find a list of all the pros below.


  • Awarded Which? Best Buy with a score of 80%
  • Suited to small, medium and large-sized homes
  • No need for separate cylinder or loft tanks
  • High-quality components
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger – improves efficiency and reliability
  • 1:6 modulation ratio – can automatically adjust its output to meet demand
  • Installation wizard – easy to install and set up
  • Quiet Mark approved
  • NOx Class 5 boiler – kinder to the environment
  • Provides maximum energy efficiency – reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions
  • Compatible with VRC 700 and vSMART app based heating control – monitor and control your heating and hot water anytime and anywhere
  • Works with LPG if required – perfect for properties off the gas grid
  • 5-year warranty
Get Up to £350 Off Vaillant Boilers With British Gas

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