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Viessmann Boiler Controls

If you want to make your Viessmann boiler more efficient to help you save more energy and money, you can choose from a selection of optional boiler controls. In addition to helping you reduce the amount of energy you waste, boiler controls can help to improve indoor comfort levels and make it easier for you to control your heating and hot water system. Viessmann offers all types of boiler controls, including room thermostats, digital controls and mechanical solutions, as well as smart and intelligent home thermostats.

This page looks at the various types of Viessmann boiler controls to give you a better idea of what’s available and to help you choose the right one for your home.

Viessmann Vitotrol 100 UTDB RF2 Wireless Room Thermostat

The Vitotrol 100 is a room temperature controller with integral radio transmitter and separate receiver. It comes with three individual and seven-day programs, along with a built-in room temperature sensor and two-channel output. Viessmann’s Vitotrol 100 also has a large LCD display and a selector for adjusting time programs, which include permanent comfort, permanent set back and frost protection. What’s more, this wireless programmable room thermostat is an Energy Saving Trust endorsed product.

Viessmann Vitotrol 200 RF Wireless Remote Control

Another Energy Saving Trust endorsed product is Viessmann’s Vitotrol 200 RF, which is designed for a single heating circuit and needs to be mounted on a wall. Having said that, you can connect up to three wireless remote controllers to one receiver if using more than just one heating circuit. It’s a simple to use wireless remote control that doesn’t require any wiring but it does need a separate wireless receiver to enable the control to adjust the boiler. The Vitotrol 200 RF comes with cursor keys so that you change the operating program or set room temperature and it features a large display to give you a clear overview of the current data, such as the current operating mode and both the indoor and outdoor temperature.  

Viessmann Vitotrol 300A Remote Control

Viessmann’s Vitotrol 300A is a remote control unit that lets you set the room temperature and domestic hot water temperature. Designed to operate either one, two or three heating circuits, this control features heating programs, holiday programs, party plus and economy functions. It also has a backlit graphic display to show the room temperature, outside temperature and current operating conditions. On top of that, the Vitotrol 300A is an Energy Saving Trust recommended remote control unit.  

Viessmann Vitotronic 100 HC2B Constant Temperature Controller

Boasting a multi-line plain text display with large fonts, the Vitotronic 100 HC2B Constant Temperature Controller has a 7-day programmer and lets you change the settings for your heating system. This Energy Saving Trust endorsed unit can be placed in a wall mounting base and will allow you to change the settings on your room temperature controller if you have one installed in your room. It comes with frost protection monitoring, as well as a central heating comfort function that enables you to change the room temperature for several hours without changing the existing control settings.

Viessmann Vitotronic 200 H01B Weather Compensation Controller

If you really want your Viessmann boiler to operate more efficiently, then the Energy Saving Trust endorsed Vitotronic 200 H01B could be the perfect controller for you. As it’s a weather compensation controller, this optional Viessmann boiler control can help you to save up to 15% of the money you spend on your annual fuel bills. It features a multi-line plain text display that is 70% larger than comparable controllers, and the display fonts are large and easily legible even in poorly lit areas of the home. The Vitotronic 200 H01B Weather Compensation Controller also has a 7-day programmer and it can control up to three heating circuits when used with an outdoor sensor.

Viessmann Vitoconnect 100 WiFi and ViCare App

With the ViCare app, you can adjust heating times, store your daily routine and even be reminded when your yearly service is due, all from your smartphone or tablet. This app displays numerous functions and will help to transform your house into a smart home. The Vitoconnect 100 provides an interface between your boiler and the ViCare app, allowing you to remotely operate your heating and hot water system via the app.

Viessmann Vitotrol App

Controlling your boiler from anywhere and at any time is made possible with the Vitotrol app and a smartphone or tablet. It can be used with all Viessmann floor-standing and wall-mounted boilers, but your boiler must be equipped with a Vitotronic 200 control unit for app operation. The Vitotrol app allows you to access all sorts of key information on your boiler status and it gives you access to numerous functions, such as selecting the operating mode, adjusting the heating and hot water temperatures and setting time programs. And if you use the app with the Vitocom 100, your engineer will be able to monitor your heating system and respond immediately when a boiler fault occurs.

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