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Vokera Boiler Controls

In addition to producing a great range of combi, system and open vent boilers, Vokera has created a fantastic selection of boiler controls to suit your needs and lifestyle. By purchasing an optional Vokera boiler control, you’ll have the flexibility to turn on your boiler at different times of the day to help ensure your home is always inviting and comfortable. Vokera’s boiler controls can also help to reduce energy use and cut the cost of your energy bills. The only tricky part about selecting an optional Vokera boiler control is deciding which one to buy.

In this guide, we look at the best options available to help you select the right Vokera boiler control for your home.

Vokera 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat

The 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat by Vokera gives you easy control over your boiler timings and temperatures over seven days. Compatible with all of the current Vokera boiler ranges, this control is available in two versions, including wireless (RF) and hard-wired to make installation a breeze. It can be configured as 7 day with up to 24 temperature changes a day or it can be used as an untimed room thermostat. Not only that but Vokera’s 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat can be connected to the internet with a BeSMART Wi-Fi box to enable you to use it remotely via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Vokera Outdoor Weather Compensation Sensor

Designed to help you achieve a consistent and comfortable room temperature, the Vokera Outdoor Weather Compensation Sensor works by regulating your boiler flow temperature depending on the weather conditions outside. Put simply, it automatically lowers the boiler operating temperature in line with the outdoor air temperature. Although the majority of Vokera’s boilers feature built-in weather compensation technology, the addition of this control will help you to benefit from improved energy efficiency, meaning you’ll save more money on those energy bills. For even greater energy savings, this Boiler Plus compliant sensor can be installed with the Vokera OpenTherm Programmable Room thermostat or BeSMART.

Vokera RF Room Thermostat Control

Boasting similar characteristic to the Vokera 7 Day RF Programmable Room Thermostat, this optional control is perfect if you own a Vokera Vision C boiler and you want to be able to easily adjust the heating temperature without interrupting any set heating timings that have been programmed into your boiler’s digital clock. It’s a decent on and off room thermostat with a dial and small digital display to make it easy for you to adjust the set room temperature in seconds. If you don’t own the Vision C boiler, the Vokera RF Room Thermostat Control is also compatible with all other current Vokera boiler ranges and can be used with older boiler models that have an integral clock. What’s more, this control can work successfully with BeSMART and be used independently with a Wi-Fi Box (20111890) and app.

Vokera BeSMART

Created to compliment all of Vokera’s boilers (and other boiler brands), BeSMART is an internet-enabled heating control that lets you control your home heating and hot water from anywhere and at any time via your smartphone or tablet. Not only does it enable you to choose when you want to heat your home and your water but this control allows you to manage up to 8 different heating zones. BeSMART features weather compensation, which means it can adjust the boiler output to match any heat loss caused by cold weather. Weather compensation helps you to create a more comfortable environment and is a great way to improve the efficiency of your heating system. On top of all of that, BeSMART lets you programme up to 3 comfort levels to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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