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Vokera Boiler Warranty

If you have just purchased or are about to buy a new Vokera boiler, you’ll be given a manufacturer-backed warranty to provide you with peace of mind that you’ll receive a free parts and labour service should your boiler breakdown. Vokera will only provide this service during the warranty period, but you’ll need to be careful that you don’t do anything that invalidates the warranty whilst it’s active. You’ll also need to register the warranty, then check the terms and conditions carefully and find out what is covered by it.

What is Covered by the Standard Vokera Boiler Warranty?

The Vokera warranty covers you for any faults that arise from defects that have been caused by material or workmanship of the manufacturer. If your boiler breaks down, Vokera will provide a parts and labour warranty repair service or they will replace your boiler. The Vokera warranty does not cover any defect, damage or breakdown caused by accident, misuse, inadequate servicing or third party interference. You also need to know that the Vokera warranty is only applicable to the boiler and does not cover any additional controls or accessories, such as room thermostats, time clocks, smart controls and weather compensation devices.

The Length of the Vokera Boiler Warranty Period

The Vokera boiler warranty period will vary from 2 to 10 years and the length of your warranty will depend on which model you choose or have chosen to purchase. If you don’t register the warranty, provide proof of annual service and meet the terms and conditions, the warranty will extend to only 12 months.

Vokera Boiler Warranty Terms and Conditions

Vokera can void your warranty if you don’t follow the rules in the terms and conditions, so you’ll need to check the terms carefully. You can read the full Vokera boiler warranty terms and conditions via Vokera’s website, even before the warranty registration has been validated.

You can also find some of the terms and conditions of the Vokera boiler warranty below:

  • The boiler must be installed and commissioned within 12 months of manufacture by a Gas Safe registered installer in accordance with the guidelines in the installation and servicing booklet provided with the boiler.
  • The Benchmark commissioning sheet must be completed by the installer and left with the boiler.
  • The warranty will start from the date of installation.
  • Without proof of purchase (an invoice or completed Benchmark commissioning sheet), the warranty will commence from the date of manufacture as detailed on the appliance data plate.
  • The boiler must be serviced once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If proof of annual service is not provided (in the Benchmark Service Record Logbook), the warranty will extend to only 12 months from the date of installation.
  • The warranty does not apply if the boiler is removed from its place of installation without prior consent from Vokera.
  • Vokera reserves the right to charge a call-out fee if there is no completed Benchmark commission sheet or equivalent control document present, an incomplete or no service record for each year the boiler has been installed, a fault cannot be found, the breakdown or fault has been caused by an event that is excluded from the warranty, failure to cancel an appointment prior to an engineer visit or the conditions of the warranty have not been met.

How to Register Your Vokera Boiler Warranty You’ll need to register your Vokera boiler warranty via the brand’s website. To qualify for the warranty, you must register it within 30 days of installation. To complete the form online, you’ll need the homeowner/landlord and installer contact details, the installer’s Gas Safe or RGII number, the boiler model, the version and the boiler serial number. Once your warranty has been validated, Vokera will send you the relevant warranty documentation.

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