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Vokera Linea One Combi Boilers

The Vokera Linea One Combi Boiler is priced at around £1156 (including VAT and excluding installation)

Vokera’s Linea One combi boiler has one of the lowest emissions ratings in its field and is available in a 38kW output. This energy efficient model is suitable for homes with multiple bathrooms and costs on average around £1156. The Linea One is also built with the latest condensing gas boiler technology and comes with a generous 5-year parts and labour warranty.

Rated A by SEDBUK for both heating and hot water, the Vokera Linea One can achieve up to 93.1% efficiency and save fuel when installed with the included external sensor. There is no need to install a water cylinder or tank, making this combi boiler a space saving solution.

The Vokera Linea One boasts a modulation ratio of 10:1 which enables the boiler output to be reduced to a minimum of 10% and in line with the requirements of your home. For example, if your home requires only 8kW, the Linea One will recognise this and modulate itself down accordingly. In turn, the modulation ratio will increase the longevity of the appliance and reduce the impact on both the environment and your energy bills.

Designed to maximise end user comfort and control, the Linea One has an intelligent pre-heat function that memorises your hot water pattern for 7 days. It does this to ensure it pre-heats itself just before you’re likely to use hot water throughout the week. There’s also the impressive LCD display with comfort button to allow you to fix the temperature of your hot water between 25 and 45 degrees.

Vokera Linea One Overview

Key Features & Benefits
SEDBUK RatingLower Gas Bills
LCD DisplayEase of user
5 year parts and labour guaranteePeace of Mind
No need for a water cylinder or tanksSpace Saving
Consistent hot waterrange between 35 – 45 degrees C
Weather compensation sensorreliability
Extremely high flow rate of 15.6l/minQuick Delivery of Hot Water

What We Think of the Vokera Linea One

First and foremost, you can rest assured that the Vokera Linea One is Energy Saving Trust recommended. With its high domestic hot water flow rate and the ability to provide immediate hot water for homes with two or more bathrooms, this boiler model offers maximum comfort for medium to large properties. It can also be converted for use with LPG (liquid petroleum gas) systems.

As the DHW (domestic hot water) memory function memorises your hot water pattern and only heats the water when necessary, you’re guaranteed to save energy. What’s more, when the Linea One is installed with the external weather sensor that comes with the appliance, ErP space heating efficiency is increased by a further 2%.

However, heating engineers who are not incentivised to install Vokera boilers will probably not recommend a Vokera system. If you believe the Linea One is the right boiler for your home, you’ll need to search for a Vokera approved installation agent.

Getting a Competitive Boiler Quote

It is vital that you find an installer who is fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered before agreeing to any work. When obtaining quotes from local and national boiler installation providers, always make sure they adhere to Vokera’s standards and the legal requirements. All engineers must be Gas Safe Registered.  You also need to remember to get a fixed price to ensure you never have to pay for any hidden extras.

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