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Vokera Mynute 35HE System Boilers

The average price of a Vokera Mynute 35HE System Boiler is £777 (including VAT and excluding installation)

Vokera’s Mynute 35HE condensing system boiler is a high-efficiency heat only solution with an A band rating. Although it’s suitable for central heating only, it can provide you with all your domestic hot water needs when installed with a water cylinder. This system comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty as standard and is ideal for homes where space is a concern. When it comes to price, you can expect to pay around £777 for a Mynute 35HE boiler.

The Mynute 35HE has a high modulation ratio to enable the boiler to modulate down and adapt its output to the requirements of your home. If it requires 35kW of power, then this system will deliver. However, if it requires 20kW, 10kW or any other kW below 35, this boiler will act accordingly. By doing this, the Mynute 35HE maximises fuel efficiency and component longevity.

With the capability to save you up to 30% on your energy bills, the Mynute 35HE can achieve a further 10% energy saving when you install Vokera’s outside weather compensation sensor or OpenTherm control.

This high-performance model from Vokera is compatible with Zenith solar thermal collectors, can be converted to LPG (liquid petroleum gas), and comes with a traditional interface. Versatile horizontal or vertical flueing options are also available to allow Vokera’s Mynute 35HE to be placed virtually anywhere in your property.

Vokera Mynute 35HE Overview

Key Features & Benefits
SEDBUK Rating ALower Gas Bills
2-year parts and labour warrantyPeace of Mind
High modulation ratioAdapt its output to the requirements
Weather compensation sensorEnergy Efficient
Compatible with Zenith solar thermal collectorsEnergy Efficient

What We Think of the Vokera Mynute 35HE System

Thanks to its extremely small dimensions, the Vokera Mynute 35HE System Boiler is ideal for small to medium properties and installing in tight areas within your home. As it has a flexible flueing capability of up to 40m, it’s also a good choice for positioning in large spaces. As Vokera’s Mynute 35HE is designed for easy installation, you can rest assured that an approved installer will have it functioning in no time.

We also like that the Mynute 35HE is feature-rich and boasts innovative technology. From the built-in frost protection to prevent freezing to the self-starting programmer for pump jamming prevention, it seems Vokera have really thought about the end-user with this model. There’s also the recyclable aluminium heat exchanger that provides excellent thermal transfer.

Overall, we think the Vokera Mynute 35HE system boiler is a cost-effective solution for the less spacious home, but we should point out that we did find some reviews that stated it was a below average system.

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