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Vokera Mynute i System Boilers

The cost of Vokera Mynute i Boilers range between £1099 and £1224 (including VAT and excluding installation)

Vokera’s Mynute i condensing system boiler is suitable for spacious homes and central heating only. However, it can meet your hot water requirements when installed with a storage cylinder. There are also various kW heating outputs available including 20kW and 30kW. Depending on which model you chose, you can expect to pay between £1099 and £1224 for a Mynute i system with a standard 5-year parts and labour warranty.

The Mynute i is an Energy Saving Trust endorsed boiler with an A efficiency rating. It can actually save you up to 30% on your gas bills, and better still, achieve a further 10% energy saving with Vokera’s outside weather compensation control. It also has an extremely high modulation ratio of up to 10:1 to improve energy savings and fuel efficiency, as well as increase component longevity.

This easy to install boiler boasts a whole host of user-friendly features, such as a back-lit LCD display, dual-temperature range for under floor heating systems and low-pressure loss component to reduce noise and increase pump performance. It also has built-in frost protection, an anti-seize function to prevent the pump from sticking and anti-cycling controls to reduce energy wastage.

There is a rear flue option along with the standard top flue option for installation versatility. The Vokera Mynute i also has a front mounted heat exchanger for easy maintenance and servicing.

Key Features & Benefits
SEDBUK Rating ALower Gas Bills
Weather compensation sensorEnergy Efficient
High modulation ratio 10:1Improve energy savings and fuel efficiency
Back-lit LCD displayEase of Use
Built-in frost protectionReliability
Anti-seize functionPrevent the pump from sticking
5-year parts and labour warrantyPeace of Mind

What We Think of the Vokera Mynute i System

We recommend Vokera’s Mynute i system boiler for medium to large homes with 1 or 2 bathrooms and enough space to store the system in an airing cupboard. The user-friendly control panel is a nice touch as it makes it easy to adjust and control your properties heating and hot water. This boiler is A-rated and offers up to 37% efficiency, which says a lot about its ability to reduce energy wastage.

It’s also obvious that the Mynute i has been designed to improve energy efficiency without compromising on comfort. The enviable modulation ratio is a particularly excellent feature because it enables the boiler to modulate down to an extremely low output. Put simply, if the Mynute i can automatically produce the full 20kW or 30kW of power when needed. If it only needs to produce 2kW or 3kW of power at any one time, then it can also adapt itself accordingly.

While we think the Mynute i is impressive for many reasons, you need to know that Vokera boilers are scored at 44% by Which? This is considered below average, however, Vokera’s Mynute i is backed by a generous 5-year guarantee in case you incur any problems.

Getting a Competitive Boiler Quote

Don’t forget to get a fixed price on a new Vokera Mynute i System boiler and the installation to ensure you aren’t presented with any hidden extras. You also need to make sure you’re dealing with trusted national and local installation providers who can prove they’re on the Gas Safe Register. Remember to ask each professional you speak to about their credentials when obtaining a quote.

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