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Vokera Verve i50 System Boilers

Vokera Verve i50 System Boilers will cost on average £3600 (including VAT and excluding installation)

The Vokera Verve i50 is a high output heat-only boiler, suitable for heating large homes. While it features similar characteristics to domestic boilers, this condensing system has an output of 47kW, making it ideal for small business properties too. It can also provide plenty of hot water when a separate water cylinder is installed. The Vokera Verve comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty and is priced at around £3600.

Boasting a class A energy efficiency rating, the Verve i50 is believed to be one of the most efficient boilers on the market. Better still, further savings can be made when this boiler is installed alongside a weather compensation sensor. It also happens to be solar thermal compatible.

The built-in 12-litre expansion vessel and 7m high head pump are among the many key features of Vokera’s Verve i50. There’s also the ‘Cuprinox’ bimetallic heat exchanger to maximise thermal transfer, as well as an optional hydraulic separator which allows the installer to keep the boiler separate from the heating system.

For ease of installation and to reduce preparation, the Vokera Verve operates on a standard gas supply. Plus, this innovative boiler comes equipped with an 80mm twin flue outlet to enable the flue to run up to 25m. But that’s not all. It also allows the flue to be easily converted to a 60/100mm or 80/125mm concentric flue to make installation incredibly flexible.

Vokera Verve i50 System Boilers Overview

Key Features & Benefits
2-year parts and labour warrantyPeace of Mind
SEDBUK Rating ALower Gas Bills
Weather compensation sensorEnergy Efficient
‘Cuprinox’ bimetallic heat exchangerMaximise thermal transfer

What We Think of the Vokera Verve i50 System Boilers

With a very good power to weight ratio and its ErP class A rating, the Vokera Verve i50 certainly seems like an excellent choice of a boiler for big dwellings and small commercial premises. The simple operating controls shouldn’t be overlooked either, especially if you’re not comfortable with using complex programming setups.

We should mention that Vokera strongly recommends the addition of the optional hydraulic separator when purchasing the Verve system. They say it will help to ensure the boiler operates at the required flow-rate, prevent shutdowns and reduce component wear and tear, so keep this in mind when buying this appliance.

This system certainly has many key benefits and is even LPG (liquid petroleum gas) compatible, but like with other Vokera boiler models, it does have a below average rating. 

Getting a Competitive Boiler Quote

If you feel the Vokera Verve i50 system boiler is the best choice for your domestic or commercial property, remember to shop around for quotations from national and local installers. You should also ask for fixed prices and ensure your boiler engineer is on the Gas Safe Register before agreeing to any work.

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