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Vokera Vision System Boilers

The typical cost of a Vision System Boiler is around £691 to £728 (including VAT and excluding installation)

Vokera’s Vision System boiler is available in a 20kW or 25kW output and with a 5 or 7-year parts and labour warranty. It is designed to connect to a water cylinder to provide both central heating and hot water, as well as fit neatly into a kitchen cupboard. The Vision System is also reasonably priced, costing between £691 and £728.

Even though this condensing system boiler is compact, it’s feature-rich and boasts an ErP Class A rating. It can also be up to 97% efficient when combined with optional Vokera intelligent controls, such as a weather compensation sensor or OpenTherm control.

The optional pipe cover helps to keep the appliance neat and the rear flue option makes the Vision System an extremely flexible boiler. There’s a built-in 7-day digital clock with a back-lit LCD display to give you full control over heating times throughout the week. This level of control also helps the boiler to meet the demand of your household and save energy.

The Vision System comes complete with an Autostop disabling function that has the ability to change the operating mode and put the appliance permanently into standby. Frost protection and anti-cycling features are also included to ensure optimal boiler performance.

Vokera Vision System Boilers Overview

Key Features & Benefits
5 or 7-year parts and labour warrantyPeace of mind
SEDBUK Rating ALower Gas Bills
built-in 7-day digital clock with a back-lit LCD displayEase of Use
Frost protectionReliability
Anti-cycling featuresPrevent energy wastage and reduce wear and tear

What We Think of Vokera Vision System Boilers

Vokera’s Vision System is ideal for properties with multiple bathrooms and can accommodate homeowners who simply cannot compromise on space. Not only can this boiler be situated in a standard size kitchen cupboard but it can also be installed almost anywhere in your property.

If you need to install the Vision System in a tight space or hard to access area and are worried about not being able to easily adjust the heating temperature, you can install Vokera’s optional BeSmart or RF room thermostat. This is really useful as it allows you to control your appliance from a much more convenient location.

The Vokera Vision System is also an Energy Saving Trust endorsed boiler, which further adds to its credibility. However, many customer reviews and a recent Which? Survey have scored this system as below average, so you might want to do a little more research to determine whether the Vision S is right for your home.

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Before agreeing to a quote, you must ensure you’ve chosen a Gas Safe Registered installer as this is a legal requirement. Also, make sure you ask national and local installation providers to provide you with a fixed price on your new boiler and the all fitting work involved. That way, you’ll never have to worry about any hidden costs.

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