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Vokera Compact A Boilers

You can expect to pay between £499 and £539 (including VAT and excluding installation) for Vokera Compact A Boilers.

The Vokera Compact A entry level condensing combi is a cost-conscious boiler, available in sizes 25kW and 29kW. Not only is this combi boiler simple to operate but it also has small dimensions to enable it to fit into your kitchen cupboard or where space is limited. Vokera’s Compact A comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty as standard and is priced between £499 and £539.

As the Compact A is a condensing boiler, it can reclaim latent heat, help to reduce fuel consumption and reduce running costs by up to 35% more than a conventional system. It has an impressive energy efficiency A rating and can become up to 97% efficient when installed with Vokera’s intelligent controls. In addition, the Compact A features anti-cycling controls to prevent energy wastage and reduce wear and tear.

The plated heat exchanger reduces the risk of scaling and the built-in frost protection keeps the boiler protected from damage during the colder months of the year. You can also attach the 7-day RF programmable room thermostat to help maintain a comfortable room temperature, as well as choose a rear flue option.

Vokera Compact A Overview

Key Features & Benefits
2-year parts and labour warrantyPeace of Mind
SEDBUK Rating ALower Gas Bills
Anti-cycling controlsPrevent energy wastage and reduce wear and tear
Built-in frost protectionReliability
7-day RF programmable room thermostatMaintain a comfortable room temperature

What We Think of the Vokera Compact A Combi

Vokera’s Compact A is ideal for small to medium size home with only one bathroom. It’s also well suited to properties that have a low demand for hot water and homeowners who prefer to keep their boiler tucked away in a kitchen cupboard. That said, the Compact A can be installed virtually anywhere in the home because there is no need for a water cylinder or tank.

It’s worth remembering that this combi boiler has one of the highest official energy efficiency ratings in the UK. That means Vokera’s Compact A should help to reduce your energy bills, as well as carbon emissions. The purchase price is very reasonable too and another selling point for individuals and families living in smaller homes.

This affordable boiler can be converted to LPG (liquid petroleum gas) with the optional LPG Kit from Vokera. It’s also designed for easy installation, meaning an approved installer can help give you quick control over your household heating and hot water when replacing your old boiler with a Compact A system.

Getting a Competitive Boiler Quote

When obtaining quotes for Vokera compact A boilers from national and local installation agents, you must make sure they are on the Gas Safe Register. You can check by asking to see their identity card, which should confirm the work the installer is qualified and legally allowed to carry out. Also, don’t forget to ask for a fixed price with no hidden extras to ensure you get the best-priced boiler installation.

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