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Warmhaus Enerwa Combi Boiler

Warmhaus Enerwa Combi

The gas-fired Warmhaus Enerwa Combi is perfect for homes where space is limited.

The Warmhaus Enerwa Combi is a wall-hung gas boiler that has compact dimensions and can fit in narrow spaces, such as inside kitchens or balconies. It comes in three outputs to suit different needs and it cost-effectively provides the comfort of warmth, mainly thanks to its wide modulation range. Designed to be long-lasting and problem-free, the Enerwa Combi has some outstanding features and will help to save you money on your energy bills.

How Much Does this Boiler Cost?

You need to spend between £620 and £750 to purchase the Warmhaus Enerwa Combi, which is available in a heating output of 24kW, 28kW or 32kW. These prices include VAT but not the cost of installing the boiler, and the price you can expect to pay for this is anything from £500 to £1,500. To get the best deal, get in touch with a range of installers for a fixed-price quote on the boiler and the fitting work.

How will I know if this Boiler is Suitable for My Home?

As a combination boiler, the Warmhaus Enerwa Combi takes water directly from the mains to deliver hot water to your taps and to heat the radiators in your home. It also has compact dimensions and can be hung in tight spaces, making it perfect if you live in a property with limited space. Although hot water is instant, a combi boiler can struggle to meet high hot water demand, so this boiler might not be the best choice if you tend to run multiple baths or showers at the same time.

There are three kW outputs available in the Warmhaus Enerwa Combi range and you must pick the correct size to avoid being stuck with an undersized or oversized boiler. If you talk to your boiler engineer about your heating and hot water needs, they will be able to advise you on the most appropriate size combi boiler for your home.

Is it a High Efficiency Boiler?

It is. The Warmhaus Enerwa Combi has an A-class energy label and a gas adaptive feature to ensure optimum use of air-gas ratio and to provide maximum efficiency. This boiler is pressure sensitive and allows you to adjust the boiler altitude settings, also helping to give you maximum efficiency. Furthermore, the boiler’s wide 1:10 modulation ratio can improve efficiencies and help you save money on your gas bills.

Does this Boiler have a Good Range of Controls and Features?

The Warmhaus Enerwa Combi has some great panel features to make it easy for you to monitor and control your boiler, such as an LCD screen, flame modulation indicator, digital manometer, auto-diagnosis and identification system and digital buttons and visuals for heating and hot water temperatures. This unit features a stainless steel heat exchanger, an 8-litre expansion tank, gas adaptive control system and a 10mm insulated body. Other benefits include continuous productivity up to 108%, lower gas and electricity consumption, quiet operation, low heat loss and 1:10 modulation with high savings. It’s also a natural gas and LPG compatible combi boiler.

How long is the Warranty on this Boiler?

Warmhaus offers a 2-year warranty as standard on its Enerwa Combi boiler.

Summary of Important Information

  • Expect to pay between £620 and £750
  • Heating output of 24kW, 28kW or 32kW
  • Hot water flow rates of 14.8, 16.8 or 19 litres per minute
  • Dimensions of 725mm (H) x 420mm (W) x 288mm (D)
  • Uses gas or LPG as its fuel source
  • A-rated for efficiency
  • 2-year warranty as standard

Pros and Cons

The Warmhaus Enerwa Combi is a great choice for small to medium homes and there are kW options to suit most requirements. It’s simple to use and quiet in operation with the bonus of being compact if you don’t have a lot of storage space. The only thing that lets it down is the short warranty.


  • Considerably cheaper than some other gas boiler brands
  • Suited to small and medium-sized homes
  • Easy to install, use and service
  • LPG compatible
  • Quiet operation
  • Low gas and electricity consumption
  • Gas adaptive control system – provides maximum efficiency
  • 1:10 modulation ratio with high savings
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger – maximises longevity, reliability and efficiency
  • Provides maximum energy efficiency – reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions


  • 2-year warranty – would prefer a longer standard guarantee
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