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Worcester Bosch Boiler Cover – Keeping Your Boiler in the Best Condition 2022

Did you know that investing in an annual boiler service can add years on to the life of your Worcester Bosch boiler? As with any appliance, the better level of care you give your boiler, the longer you can expect it to last. Plus, having an annual service can help you avoid expensive and avoidable repairs – making it a logical and cost-effective decision.

Worcester Bosch is a well-respected brand that offers some of the best boiler options on the market. They’ve been in business since the 60s and have become one of the leading boiler brands in the UK, offering trustworthy appliances as well as lots of free advice and support via their comprehensive website. 

As part of its commitment to customer care, Worcester Bosch offers its own boiler service plan and a helpline that you can call any day of the week. With so much on offer, we took a closer look at what their boiler plan is and how it can help you keep your boiler running well for years to come.

What Boiler Cover Do Worcester Bosch Offer?

Worcester Bosch’s boiler service plan is called the Worcester Maintenance and Support Plan and it is available to anyone who owns a Worcester boiler. The policy is overseen by Domestic and General and covers an annual service as well as repairs to the controls and the boiler. If your boiler is deemed to be irreparable then it also covers a boiler replacement. All of the work, including the servicing, is completed by Worcester Gas Safe engineers.

The current boiler care plan includes:

  • A complete annual service to check the boiler is working efficiently
  • Repairs, if needed, to the value of £1500
  • Up to £750 to replace your boiler if it cannot be repaired
  • Full access to the D&G website that provides you with access to helpful articles, tips and hints

What Does an Annual Boiler Service Cover?

Many consumers worry that paying for boiler cover is a waste of money, but this is not the case. When you sign up you’ll be asked to book your first service if your boiler is over a year old so that you can get a clear idea of how it is running. A boiler service doesn’t take very long, less than an hour, and you can schedule it to fit in with your other commitments. 

When the engineer arrives, they will undertake the following tasks:

  • Complete a visual check of your boiler to make sure everything is unmanaged and working properly
  • Ensure that the boiler flame is burning steadily and has a blue flame
  • Check the operating pressure
  • Check the flue, externally and internally
  • Check the seals are in good working order
  • Ensure all safety devices are working well
  • Check the burner, sensor probe, main injector and the heat exchanger
  • Check that the boiler is firing correctly
  • Cleaning any parts that require it

Once they have completed the service, the visiting engineer will give you a written report and verbal feedback on what they did and any follow-up work that is required. If there is a need for follow-up work that is covered by your policy, they will also try to schedule this if they do not have the parts to complete the work on the day of their visit.

How Much Does an Annual Service Plan Cost?

The price of your boiler cover plan is dependent on the level of cover you choose as well as the age and type of boiler you have. The standard price is just under £16 a month which you can pay by direct debit or monthly card payments. You can also choose to pay the entire plan cost up front if this suits you better.

Be aware that if you live in London or the surrounding areas then you will pay slightly more for the London weighting – around 80 pence a month.

What Isn’t Covered with This Policy

As with all policies, there is a list of exclusions that you need to be aware of so that you don’t end up with a nasty surprise when something goes wrong. The main areas that aren’t covered include:

  • Hard water damage including calcium and limescale build-up.
  • Repairing your flue
  • Replacing your flue
  • Internet-connected control devices such as Hive or Nest
  • Non-standard pipework
  • Heat pumps
  • Shower pumps
  • Solar panelling
  • Underfloor heating

To get a full list of exclusions you can check out the terms and conditions supplied by D&G when you sign up. They are written in plain English and you must check them so that you don’t end up thinking you are covered for something that you aren’t.  

Pros and Cons of Worcester Boiler Cover from D&G

As with all types of policies, there will be pros and cons to consider before you sign up. We’ve shared the main ones below to give you an idea of what to expect:


  • Your boiler will be serviced and repaired by Worcester engineers
  • Worcester engineers will only use Worcester parts
  • You can look forward to up to £1500 of repairs within your cover
  • You can get cover for a boiler that is up to 12 years old
  • If your boiler can’t be repaired then you will get a credit or a replacement boiler to the value of £750


  • You can only access this specific cover if you are a Worcester Bosch boiler owner with a boiler under 12 years of age
  • Your cover will only provide support for your boiler rather than being a home emergency cover solution

What Do Reviews Say About This Cover?

Checking customer reviews is always a good idea when you want to gauge how good a product or service is. We looked at verified reviews on the Trustpilot website and found that 79% of reviewers rated the cover as excellent. There are over 24000 reviews on the site and the majority of the reviewers state that it’s a combination of customer service and outstanding engineers that have left them impressed with the service they received.

If you are a Worcester Bosch boiler owner then investing in the Worcester Bosch boiler cover through D&G is a sensible choice that will bring you real peace of mind.