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Working Out What You Need – A System Boiler or a Combi Boiler

If you need to install a new boiler then you may be wondering which type is best. Find out the difference between a system boiler and combi boiler here.

Knowing which boiler to pick for your property can be daunting, especially if you haven’t ever purchased one before. There are many different boiler brands to choose from, varying prices to consider and different types of boilers to choose from. To help you work out which type is best for your needs, we have shared some helpful information on both system boilers and combi boilers, so that you can feel more confidence in your final decision.

The Things You Need to Consider before Buying a Boiler

When the time comes to purchase a new boiler, there are several things that you will firstly need to consider. These include:

  • The size of the property 
  • How much hot water you need each day
  • The energy efficiency of your new boiler
  • How much of the year you use your heating
  • Where you want to house your new boiler
  • And more

Each of these considerations help you to form a clear idea of your needs and will enable you to both shortlist appropriate boilers and work out whether you need a system boiler or a combi boiler.

System Boiler & Combi Boiler – What’s the Difference?

You may believe that all boilers look the same and act the same, but this is not true. Whilst their overall appearance is very similar, a system boiler is very different to a combi boiler.

A system boiler takes water from the mains supply and heats the water for the cylinder and for the central heating. A combi boiler also takes water in from the mains supply but there is no hot water cylinder for heated water to be stored and so the hot water is provided on demand. 

Some of the key differences between the two types of boilers include:

  • System boilers use cylinders to store hot water
  • Combi boilers supply hot water on demand
  • Combi boilers are not great for larger households with multiple bathrooms
  • System boilers can supply more hot water in one go due to their cylinder storage

Why a System Boiler May Be Right for You

If you think a system boiler may be the right choice for you then take a look at some of the key benefits you will enjoy when you have one installed.

  • A system boiler is great for larger properties – if your home has more than two bathrooms that are regularly used then a system boiler will be able to provide a consistent flow of hot water. Plus, as your system boiler will get water direct from the main supply, you won’t find that you run out of warm water mid shower!
  • A system boiler works with solar power – if you have invested in solar panels then getting a system boiler is a great idea because they can be adapted to run off solar energy, helping you to reduce your bills and maintain an environmentally-friendly ethos.
  • A system boiler can respond at speed – there is nothing more frustrating then having to run water for ages before it gets to a decent temperature. A system boiler has a handy pump built in to respond at speed when you turn on the hot water tap.
  • A system boiler is great for small spaces – modern boilers are great because they don’t have to rely on water tanks anymore. This means that your system boiler has everything it needs inside the unit, cutting out the need for water tanks and the cost to maintain and replace the tanks.

Why a Combi boiler May Be the Best Choice

No matter how great a system boiler sounds, it is important to find out if a combi boiler will be more suited to your needs instead. Here are some of the benefits that are on offer with combi boilers.

  • A combi boiler is energy efficient – with an A Rated energy efficiency, combi boilers promise to reduce your utility bills while providing you with heat and hot water when you need them.
  • A combi boiler can fit anywhere you want – a combi boiler does not have a cylinder, making it a small unit that can fit in most spaces with ease, reducing your installation and maintenance costs too.
  • A combi boiler provides good water pressure – as the combi boiler takes water from the main supply, this should mean that your taps flow well as long as the water strength in your geographical location is strong too.
  • A combi boiler is easy to install – this is because the units are less complex and have less parts that need to be fitted before the new boiler can be used. The great news is that this also means that they are quicker to fit, so that you don’t have to waste your time waiting for an engineer to get the job done.
  • A combi boiler produces hot water when you need it – as a combi boiler works by taking water from the mains supply, it can heat it when you need it and supply it straight to your taps ready for all your hot water needs.

Other Things You Need to Consider Before Buying

If you think you are ready to make the decision between a combi boiler and system boiler, then there are just a few more things for you to consider – take a look:

  • System boilers are larger than combi boilers so if you choose a system boiler, you will need to check that you have the right amount of space available.
  • System boilers come with cylinders of various sizes, meaning that the more bathrooms you have to supply, the more space and money you will need to invest.
  • A system boiler is not as quick at supplying hot water as a combi boiler is as it does not offer instant, on demand hot water. The more pressure on the system, the more likely you are to run out of hot water.
  • Combi boilers are not great for larger properties as they will struggle to meet the demand for hot water across multiple outlets.
  • Combi boilers are not a good idea if you have old pipes and you may need to consider replacing them as well as installing a new boiler.
  • Combi boilers are not great when you live in an area that has low water pressure as they will not be able to increase the pressure that your taps produce.

The Bottom Line – System Boiler or Combi Boiler?

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing the best boiler for your property, you will need to consider the size of your home, the needs of the people in the home and whether you live in an area that gets good water pressure. 

If your home is large or has multiple bathrooms then a system boiler will help you to get the hot water you need, even when it is in demand by multiple users.

If your home is small with minimal bathrooms then a combi boiler is more than capable of supplying all your hot water needs.

When it comes to finding the best boiler, the best price and the best engineer, Boilers Prices is here for you. Take a look at the wealth of information and comparison options on our website and feel confident that the boiler you choose is the best one for your property.