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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

With Energy bills increasing and natural energy supplies on short supply, we give you the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy. Our natural reserves of oil and gas continue to decline at an alarming rate. We continue to use energy more and more in our everyday essentials. While our gas boilers heat our homes, we guzzle more and more electricity with our handy new gadgets.

Some people simply don’t care that we will run out. It’s not their lifetime problem. It’s a problem the next generation will have to face. It’s not my problem attitude.

Others differ in opinion. They want to help and are taking steps to do something. This is where using alternative renewable energy sources like Solar Power play a key role, or do they?

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Solar energy is far from a new phenomenon but it has taken time to develop. Recent technological advances though have made it more accessible to households. Seeing a roof with solar panels these days is not uncommon, and chances are that you will have been contacted by your local solar installer.

Like all energy sources, solar power has its advantages and disadvantages. So what are they?

This guide will highlight both. Further information though should always be sought from an expert before making a decision.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  1. It’s Kind To The Planet
    • Solar energy creates no pollution nor emits any greenhouse gases, which makes it one of the cleanest forms of energy available.
    • It is renewable and therefore sustainable which helps to protect the environment.
    • By using it, you are helping to reduce the levels of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
    • It is generated where it is needed.
    • There is no noise pollution.
  2. It Will Cut Your Energy Costs
    • The sun’s solar energy is free, so once you have recovered the money invested in getting it installed, your electricity bills are likely to be up to 100% cheaper – that’s no bill at all!
    • There are government subsidies available to help you keep costs down.
    • Most energy suppliers will buy any surplus energy generated from you.
    • It is never subject to any price changes, because supply is always in abundance.
    • It is a lifelong investment that could save you a substantial amount on your energy bills.
  3. It’s Low Maintenance
    • Once installed, a solar energy system requires hardly any maintenance, and is likely to last for many years.
    • There are no recurring costs to consider.
    • It operates without fuel, so you do not have to worry about refilling it.
    • There are no moving or mechanical parts, therefore it operates silently.
    • To keep up with the demands of a growing family, additional solar panels can be added with ease.

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

  • The initial cost in buying and installing a solar energy system is high because of the materials needed to produce them; this often deters people against it.
  • To work effectively, solar panels require a considerable amount of space for installation.
  • Its efficiency level is dependent on the sun’s location and also how bright it is. Once night falls, it will cease. This problem has however recently been solved by special batteries which can store generated power for a given period.

The pros and cons highlighted in this article are only to be used as a guide. If you are thinking of buying solar panels, do more digging around.

Find out more from an expert before making a decision. Ask your local supplier or your energy provider.

The energy advisory website also provides expert information.

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