The Ultimate Guide to Quiet Boilers

If you’re thinking about replacing an old noisy boiler with an almost silent boiler, this guide will help you narrow down your quiet boiler options.

Selecting a new boiler for your home is not an easy task since there are so many brands and models to choose from these days. Naturally, you want your replacement boiler to be extremely reliable and energy-efficient and it also makes sense to want a boiler that’s almost silent when operating, particularly if it’s going to be installed in or near the bedroom.

If a quiet boiler is on your priority list, you should seriously think about purchasing one that is Quiet Mark approved.

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EcoBuild 2011 showcases high efficiency boilers

Although this year’s EcoBuild has just come to an end, it is definitely worth mentioning the highlights.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, EcoBuild is the world’s largest event for showcasing the future of sustainable design, construction and the built environment. Manufacturers, including many from the plumbing and heating market launch new products and display new environmentally friendly technologies.

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Homeowners make a £500 million loss because of poor insulation

According to figures released by the Department for Climate Change, homeowners make a £500 million loss because of poor insulation.

The problem was made worse by the record breaking cold winter, where energy demand levels had risen dramatically. Those without adequate home insulation were left facing inflated heating bills because their homes were not conserving heat.

Home insulation will save you money on your energy bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save £150 a year by insulating your loft, and a further £115 with cavity wall insulation.

It costs around £500 to install, but will pay for itself quickly in with the amount you save on bills. Along with the government, environmental campaigners and consumer groups, many celebrities are also advocates of home insulation.

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MP’s warn government failure to meet fuel poverty reduction targets

A committee of MP’s has warned the government is set to fail its own fuel poverty reduction targets. The goal is to eradicate fuel poverty in vulnerable households in England by the end of this year; households with children, pensioners and the disabled. The longer term aim is to end it completely by 2016.

It would seem these targets are now deemed too ambitious, because the Energy and Climate Change Committee has admitted this year’s target will be missed, and the 2016 one is looking ‘increasingly difficult to hit’.

Fuel poverty is when a household is spending over 10% of its income on its gas and electricity bills. A recent report commissioned by the Committee confirmed millions of households are in fuel poverty and are worried about turning their heating on. The situation has not been helped by the rising costs of energy bills, and the record breaking cold winter.

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