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British Gas HomeCare Boiler Cover Prices & Reviews

British Gas offers a range of packages to cover repairs and breakdowns on your boiler, as well as plans that also include cover for your central heating, plumbing, drains, and electrics.

You can pay for your coverage annually or in monthly installments and the more things you want to cover, the more expensive your package will be.

Avoid large bills from unexpected breakdowns with HomeCare from British Gas

Cover your home and avoid large bills from unexpected breakdowns with HomeCare from British Gas. You can choose different types of protection for your boiler, central heating, electrics & plumbing. Your cover will include parts and labour [2] and unlimited call-outs [3], so you can relax knowing British Gas has got you covered.

Get HomeCare Essential from £19.00 /month (£60 excess). Conditions and exclusions apply, and prices may vary depending on the postcode of your property.

Protect Your Boiler

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What’s Included

There are a variety of products to choose from within the British Gas HomeCare range, some of which include an annual service and repairs to your boiler and controls. The table below shows you the different levels of cover and what each HomeCare plan includes.

What is CoveredHomeCare Basic™HomeCare Essential™HomeCare Classic™HomeCare Complete™
Annual boiler service*
Boiler and controls
Central heating
Home electrics

British Gas HomeCare Basic™

HomeCare One is the most basic of the four products, covering you only for repairs to your gas boiler and the boiler controls, including your thermostat and programmer.

This cover also includes a yearly service*, accidental damage and up to £1,000 to gain access and make good for each repair – as do the HomeCare Two, HomeCare Three and HomeCare Four plan.

British Gas HomeCare Essential™

The only difference between HomeCare One and HomeCare Two is that the HomeCare Two product gives you cover for not just your boiler & controls but also your central heating system. This includes repairs to your gas boiler, controls, radiators and hot water cylinder.

British Gas HomeCare Classic™

In addition to providing you with cover for your boiler and central heating system, the HomeCare Three plan includes repairs to your home and outbuilding plumbing systems and repairs to the water supply within the boundary of your property.

But that’s not all, unblocking and repairing your drains and waste pipes to restore flow are included in the HomeCare Three cover package as well.

British Gas HomeCare Complete™

By choosing the British Gas HomeCare Four cover, your policy will include everything that’s covered in the HomeCare Three plan, plus repairs to your mains electrical system and wiring in your home and any outbuildings.

It’s worth mentioning that all four products include unlimited call-outs [2] , a 24-hour customer helpline and a 14-day cooling-off period if you later decide to cancel your HomeCare cover. There are, however, some exclusions to be aware of before you buy one of these products.


Regardless of which HomeCare cover you choose, there are some things that British Gas don’t cover. Exclusions include the removal of sludge or scale and repairing the damage they cause, showers and their parts, shared drains, and electrical appliances, including cooker hoods and extractor fans over 15cm in diameter. Faults caused by someone who is not a British Gas engineer are also not covered. 

The Cost of British Gas HomeCare Cover

The amount you’ll need to pay each month or year will depend on where you live, and British Gas will confirm the price once they’ve taken a few details from you.

Pay Monthly Prices

Prices with selected British Gas HomeCare products when you buy online as at January 2023

ExcessHomeCare Basic™HomeCare Essential™HomeCare Classic™HomeCare Complete™

Pay Annually Prices

ExcessHomeCare Basic™HomeCare Essential™HomeCare Classic™HomeCare Complete™
Annual Prices include a Direct Debit discount of £12

All cover plans include unlimited call-outs [2] but your breakdown and call-out history can determine the price you’ll be charged the following year.

The price you’ll pay at renewal may increase, even if you don’t need any repairs carried out within the first year. However, all prices are fixed for the first year, and you’ll get £12 off your HomeCare One to Four covers if you pay monthly or annually by Direct Debit.

Protect Your Boiler

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Is British Gas HomeCare Worth the Cost?

If you have a new boiler with a valid manufacturer’s warranty, then you probably won’t need to purchase any boiler cover at all. Most new boilers come with lengthy warranties between 5 and 7 years, but some are even longer than this. There’s very little point in signing up to HomeCare if your warranty covers you for repairs and breakdowns, so be sure to check if your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid before even thinking about taking out any cover. If your boiler is fairly new but no longer under warranty, you may want to consider getting HomeCare cover as some repairs can be costly.

Old boilers can be inefficient and they are more prone to faults, so it wouldn’t hurt to have access to a cover plan that includes a 24-hour helpline and unlimited call-outs [2]. Plus, your cover will include an annual service*, meaning an engineer can detect any minor problems before they become major and rather expensive repairs. If you want peace of mind that you won’t have to fork out for costly repairs, then a HomeCare cover plan could be worth it. But if your boiler is really old and is already experiencing issues, it might be best to replace your boiler with a new model from a reputable brand. 

British Gas HomeCare Customer Reviews

The majority of the online reviews are of British Gas as a company, so we took our time looking at what existing customers had to say about their HomeCare cover. Some of the reviews are great, with many customers saying that British Gas is there to fix faults the same or next day and others have commented that they’ve saved themselves a fortune in repairs over the years by having HomeCare cover.

As it’s a bit of a mixed bag, we suggest you do a little research before taking out HomeCare cover with British Gas. See what other companies have to offer and spend some time looking at what customers are saying about the cover and their experiences with each company. Although leaders in this market, British Gas has a lot of strong competition, so it’s always a good idea to shop around and get a few quotes to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Things You Need to Know

[1] Conditions apply; please see full terms & conditions.

[2] Your call out history is taken into account at renewal

British Gas is a trading name of British Gas Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England and Wales (No. 03141243). Registered office: Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD.