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Get cash back with new green feed-in tariff

Customers can earn money by generating their own energy with a new feed-in tariff scheme launched by the government this week. Households will get their money back from energy suppliers.

Under the new scheme, households with solar panels fitted to a certain specification could earn up to £900 a year, and that’s without including the savings they make on their gas and electricity bills.

It also extends to those generating energy using wind turbines, households with anaerobic digestion and hydroelectricity systems.

A feed-in tariff works by paying households for the ‘green energy’ they produce, and for any they do not use which is sent to the national grid.

Talking about the scheme, Ed Miliband, the energy and climate change secretary said, ‘From today the rewards for businesses and householders who act to cut their carbon emissions really start to pay off.’

He added, ‘Householders can play a central role in leading the move to a low carbon economy whilst saving money on their energy bills.’

The scheme has been welcomed by some environmental campaigners, and a survey on behalf of Friends Of The Earth published earlier this year revealed 71% of homeowners would consider installing green energy systems if there was a large enough financial incentive.

This scheme is set to do just that, but does have its critics who believe it does not offer enough for larger communities. Dave Timms, Friends Of The Earth’s green homes campaigner said, ‘We need more support for whole communities, not just individual households.’

To find out more about feed-in tariff, visit the energy advisory website

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