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Homeowners make a £500 million loss because of poor insulation

According to figures released by the Department for Climate Change, homeowners make a £500 million loss because of poor insulation.

The problem was made worse by the record breaking cold winter, where energy demand levels had risen dramatically. Those without adequate home insulation were left facing inflated heating bills because their homes were not conserving heat.

Home insulation will save you money on your energy bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save £150 a year by insulating your loft, and a further £115 with cavity wall insulation.

It costs around £500 to install, but will pay for itself quickly in with the amount you save on bills. Along with the government, environmental campaigners and consumer groups, many celebrities are also advocates of home insulation.

Celebrity tradesman Tommy Walsh says, ‘Insulation is a win-win situation because as well as saving you money and keeping you warm, it adds value to your house and improves the Home Information Pack’s home energy rating, potentially making your house easier to sell.’

For further information about home insulation, visit the energy advisory website, or contact your energy supplier.

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