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Resolving the F2 Boiler Error on Ideal Boilers

If your Ideal boiler is displaying an F2 error then you may be worried about repair bills and the safety of your system. Rather than fretting too much, take a look at our handy guide to the F2 error code and find out what the issue is and how you can get it resolved.

Understanding What the F2 Boiler Code Means

Before you can get to repairing your boiler, it’s important to understand what the F2 error code actually means. If you see F2 on your boiler control panel then your boiler flame has gone out when hot water or heating was called for. This is not an ignition problem as this would be shown as an L2 fault, but denotes that the flame has simple gone out when it was needed. 

What Causes the F2 Error Code on My Ideal Boiler?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential causes of the F2 error code and most of them will require taking the boiler apart to find it which should only ever be done by a Gas Safe engineer. Your engineer will check a number of components to diagnose the cause and can then provide you with a quote to fix it. If you can’t wait for an engineer to attend your property, take a look at the most common causes of the F2 error now:

  • Gas Valve Problems – typically the gas valve is the most common reason for the F2 fault to appear on your Ideal boiler and can sometimes be as simple as just getting stuck, stopping the fuel being released that keeps the flame lit. If your gas valve can’t be fixed then it will need to be replaced and this can cost a few hundred pounds.
  • Gas Pressure Problems – another possible issue causing the F2 fault is a drop in gas pressure that results in the flame being unable to stay alight. If you think that this may be the problem then you will need an engineer to test the pressure and find the source of the problem before advising you on the best way to proceed. 
  • Blocked Flue – if you have a build up of debris in your flue then this means that there is no way for gases to disperse, causing your boiler’s safety mechanisms to kick in and put the flame out. To resolve this, a Gas Safe engineer can perform checks of the system to find the blockage and remove it.
  • Faulty Fan – finally, your boiler fan may have stopped working properly making it impossible to get rid of dangerous fumes safely. In this case, the boiler’s safety features will stop it from working until it is fixed. Again, this issue will need a Gas Safe engineer to check the fan and replace it if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions – F2 Error Code

Having an F2 error code can be confusing and stressful but our frequently asked questions may help you make sense of what is going on with your boiler:

What Caused My F2 Error Code?

The F2 error code on an Ideal boiler tells you that your boiler cannot continue to work due to a safety issue. This safety issue could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your gas valve is not working properly
  • Your fan is faulty and is failing to rid of toxic fumes
  • Your flue has a blockage
  • Your gas mains supply is not running properly

Each of these issues will need to be diagnosed and fixed by a professional Gas Safe engineer to ensure the problem is resolved safely.

Can I Fix an F2 Error Myself?

It can be tempting to try and relight a flame on your boiler when it has gone out but this is generally impossible as the boiler safety mechanisms will have kicked in. To get your flame re-lit, you will need an engineer to assess and diagnose the issue and then fix it so that the system can be restarted.

Is an F2 Error Code Fix Cheap?

As the F2 error code can be caused by a lot of different issues it is hard to estimate how much it will cost to have it fixed. The best way forward is to arrange for an engineer to visit your property and locate the problem. Once they have done this they will be able to provide you with a quote for the work and advise you on whether you should go ahead with repairs or whether a replacement boiler is a more sensible solution.

How Can I Reset My Boiler?

You should never attempt to reset your boiler if your F2 error has not been resolved. However, once it is fixed then you will need to reset the system to get it started again. Typically, your Gas Safe engineer will do this for you but if they don’t you simply need to press or turn the reset button for a few seconds and then wait for it to restart and get back to work.

Persistent F2 Error That Can’t Be Resolved – What Next?

Sadly, no matter how good your Gas Safe engineer is, there is always the potential that your F2 fault will not be fixable, even when repairs have been attempted. If this is the case for you then it may be time to think about getting a replacement boiler. 

Before you agree to a new boiler, take the time to get a few quotes and consider the pros and cons of each one before you proceed. At Boilers Prices we have a simple form you can complete to get an idea of the best boiler as well as personalised quotes from Gas Safe engineers and companies in your local area – try it out today!